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Playing on both android and pc version issue

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    Playing on both android and pc version issue

    Started an account on Android, then installed game on PC which the latest version seems to be older than Android.

    I got a message saying the version on Android was newer and therefore I couldn't access it on the PC and had to start a new account on the PC.

    Not much lost since it was new.

    I'm now afraid though to log the new account on mobile and have it save it with the newer version and then I can no longer access it on PC.

    I tried finding a newer version for PC to match Android but no luck.

    Will loading the game on Android ruin my ability to play on PC?

    I don't play on a PC, but Rob Spooner does, and in his latest YouTube video he talked about 1.5.42, showing what's new on his PC.
    He said that one of the effects of the new version is that those playing on more than one platform have to have the same version on each (sounds reasonable, as simply having an Armory only on one device would certainly create a problem.)
    For you this means that there IS a current Windows version - maybe it simply hasn't arrived in your country?
    I dimly remember talk here on the forum about just this problem some minor versions ago; I THINK there was then mention of some way to force the update to appear.
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      I don't think he's talking about an update here. I think he's talking about playing across multiple platforms.

      Any time you make changes to your game (like significant progress or a purchase), be sure to save your game before loading the game on another device. Your game will be saved automatically every so often, but you can force it to save by tapping the "logout" button. You don't actually have to log out; simply tapping the button will work (after a few seconds).


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        Ah! I wouldn't know about that, of course; sorry for misunderstanding.

      • Travis | Support Mgr.
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        We could both be wrong. ::shrugs::

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        Fantastic info about force saving, thanks!

      Correct it appears the mobile version is 1.5.42 and the PC version is older, I can't find it but 1.5.38 sounds about right. Does anyone have a step by step guide how to force 1.5.42 for US subscribers?


      I play on both Android and PC. Updates usually comes first on Android. It may take 1-2 days longer to get it on PC.
      I've learn over the years to never update the game unless I see it available on both devices. You save a lot of trouble by doing so.


        when 1.5.42 will be available on PC?
        i'm cleaning etc etc my low end android phone. Have to install back eternium. afraid to do so cause it wants me to update to the new version. It will affect other platform. erm my low end pc still shows 1. 5.38. (ohh so many low end kind of thing i'm afraid hahaha)
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          It's available on android, pc and ios now. On PC I had to uninstall and install again
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