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Ground / Floor Markings Question?

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    Ground / Floor Markings Question?

    So I went in search of fighting Garm because I was having a heck of a time fighting him.

    Turns out those markings on the ground - they actually mean something! Who knew!? (Yes - obviously - "everyone knows")

    I get that the Blue Healing marking heals you from Garm's poison (do I just need to touch it and then go on about my business, or do I need to stand in it?). The Red / Power circle is apparently some kind of power enhancement? (Still don't know if this is for Garm or for the player though - so I don't know whether I should try and be in it or out of it?)

    HOWEVER - that led me to realize that there are markings all over the maps that either are there or show up ... and I have no idea what any of them mean.

    Is there a "guide" to what ALL these marking mean (A visual guide would be awesome!)

    Thanks ... KTB

    Blue circle heals whilst in it - so be in it when the poison ring comes as a minimum.
    the orange circle boosts your attack, but the only way to use it consistently is to spawn Garm in a corner so the rings overlap.
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