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Season and A New Beginning Events Interaction Issues ...

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    Season and A New Beginning Events Interaction Issues ...

    Let me start off with one that is very important to remember as Season Spring 2021 draws to a close.

    When a season ends? The gold and gem banks are immediately delivered to the active hero's Mail or the Mail of the hero that is active when you first login after the season ends.

    Huh? You are playing you ANB hero when the season ends? Your ANB hero gets the Mail that includes your gold and gems. I know this one for sure. If you have unclaimed milestone rewards whether based on your season level or not? Those rewards that are unclaimed are also mailed to you. I suspect that unclaimed milestones will also be sent to ANB hero's Mail if the ANB hero is active when the season ends.

    If you are playing a regular hero when the season ends? Your regular Mail receives all end-of-season mail.

    Manage your accounts properly and you can have an influx of things for your ANB hero the day before Bronze #10 ends.

    Logged out from the application when the season ends? The stuff will be in the Mail of the hero that is active once you log in which means the one that was active when you logged out.

    Enjoy your goodies!

    The end of the season will likely be moved back 2 days to avoid this.


      Good think I didn't go hog wild on gem spending thinking that I was going to have thousands extra dumped in my lap before ANB ended.

      Guess it's back to the old fashioned way of collecting gems during ANB.


        Travis, if something is going to officially happen? That action should happen sooner than later.

        I know that there are players prioritizing the season right now since it is scheduled to end first. The ANB ending after the season, as currently scheduled, could easily impact how players use their CTs. Official changes at the last minute are likely to tick players off. Things only get worse if things are presumed and then do not happen.

        As you are well aware since you are very careful to be non-committal with your remarks, Players will latch unto possibilities.

        The developers should either pull the trigger and extend the season as quickly as possible or leave the current schedule unchanged. Optimally? The season should have been extended when the ANB started if that was the intent. The longer any changes take to actually occur? The greater the risk of anger.

        We do not need a repeat of an officially announced ANB extension that never ended up happening.


        • jdh0721
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          Agreed! I've focused this season on developing a Lily build. If ANB ends before the season ends, I use my CTs for one last Lily-based item for a final season ending push. But if ANB ends after the season ends, I plan to use my CTs to start building a Crit-based set for next season. I'm sure there are plenty of people in the same boat as I am (some already experimenting with other class types since there was no season benefit for this ANB when it started).

        So, not changes for the season finish time. Getting awfully late to make any changes.


          Still on track to finish season day before ANB ends. Season end is 4 days 13 hrs away, ANB end is 5 days 14 hrs away.

          So DP/MF, what are you going to do to us?


            Okay, so now is the time to burn through my gems in an attempt to do anything with the season. Will not cause an issue since I will get many gems back 25 hours before ANB ends.

            I will not be happy if I burn off my gems and I do not get my gem bank before the current ANB ends.

            Tis getting too late to modify the season for an issue that has been known since Saturday.


              Seems the season was extended...I see 4 days for season and 3 days for ANB...

              Click image for larger version  Name:	bronzeend.jpg Views:	0 Size:	125.4 KB ID:	197586Click image for larger version  Name:	seasonend.jpg Views:	0 Size:	107.0 KB ID:	197587


                Yes, the ANB has been running since last Saturday, seven days, yet they choose to not modify the season's end until today. They can be such morons.

                I wonder how many players were counting on that gold and gems from the banks?

                The developers are their own worst enemy.


                  Originally posted by Tin Man View Post

                  The developers are their own worst enemy.
                  Or the players who try to game the system.


                    Originally posted by Ghubuk View Post

                    Or the players who try to game the system.
                    How is it that players planning their events based upon the information provided are gaming the system. For a week, the season was scheduled to finish the day before the ANB. That would have meant an influx of upwards of 10M gold and 10K gems within the last 24 hours or so of the ANB. Is it not prudent to factor that influx into your plans?

                    Also, would those notifications the last week not also impact where you spent your currently existing gems? Would happily spend gems for the season if I knew they were going to be replenished before the ANB ends like we have been told for almost a full week.

                    So much for strategic planning.


                    • Teebs
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                      As for the Gems bank pay off - I think this is a legitimate point.

                      However, I am not aware that any of the Season Rewards can be collected by an ANB character?

                    • RockDoc
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                      The regular Season level rewards cannot be claimed by ANB hero. However as Tin Man noted, if your ANB hero is the active hero when you receive the Season 'bank' email they can open and claim it. All a moot point now! ?

                    Ghubuk Teebs Just so that you know. I really had no need for the gem banks nor the gold banks and have long since claimed all my season rewards. This whole thread was more about equality for the players since many have no idea about the implications when a season ends during ANBs so therefore have no inkling to even plan for it. If I need gems for the ANB? I will just purchase them. If I need gold for the ANB? Well, besides sitting on over 8M right now with most of my crafting done, I would just farm it or convert the necessary gems to gold.

                    Pushing back the end of the season was the correct thing to do and was the whole reason for starting this thread as I doubt they were even thinking about the implications. Even with the flag run up the pole, it took them a week to adjust the season.

                    With past practices? Even if Adrian (Developer) had posted an official announcement that the season was going to be delayed? There would have been no grounds to believe the announcement until the extension had officially happened. At least one extension has been officially announced by Adrian in the past and that extension did not occur and players were left stranded because they did not receive the additional event timer that was announced. Travis' acknowledgment of the issue is greatly appreciated but also carried no weight.

                    Could they really have been that unaware of the implications before they even started the current ANB?

                    This thread was never about me using benefits from the season. This thread has always been about making sure that the player base has a chance to be informed so that everyone is on as equal of a playing field as possible and slapping the developers upside the head to remind them about the issue.

                    There are more than enough players out there that will exploit every small thing that they can. Making sure that players are aware of unavoidable implications is just being nice to the newer players. Is not gaming the game when the players have very little control over the concern and do not even know that they have any control.

                    I greatly appreciate your comments but also wanted to make sure you understand where the thread and my remarks came from.
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                      Planning my whole ANB strategy around the timing of the end of the season, assuming that the gems I paid extra money to have available would, in fact, be available, is NOT exploiting or gaming the system! It's just planning based on the HUGE banners that show up EVERY TIME I start the app.

                      This is just absolute bullshit. Did this timing come as a huge surprise to the devs? Did they have no idea that the end dates overlapped the way they did until this weekend? I'm legitimately pissed off. I was really looking forward to trying for good gear with the gems I paid for.


                        So what happens if I don't log in until I know for sure that silver has started. Will I then be able to claim season loot with Anb hero?


                          Originally posted by jay clarke View Post
                          So what happens if I don't log in until I know for sure that silver has started. Will I then be able to claim season loot with Anb hero?
                          You would end up collecting the uncollected rewards with either your Bronze #10 hero, if you had not yet ended your event, or your regular heroes. The rewards are sent to Mail as soon as you log in. You can not create a hero for the new ANB without first logging in. The items arrive before you can create a hero.