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    I am relatively new to the game and have some questions. I hope someone can assist me in my understanding of the the ANB event.
    - If I create an event hero at the start of the season can I use it through the different ANB event or do I have to create a new hero for each ANB event (eg. Bronze, etc.). Not knowing any better I destroyed one hero and created another and started from scratch.

    - Is there a best way to progress? Does developing a hero in story mode vs. a trial count against the play time? I only ask because I thought I was doing well in this last event and my play time timed out. I don't know if working through the story counted against that time. At trial 87 I was three short of a CL. I was stopped out by play time expiring.

    FYI - at this point am comfortable using the warrior class.

    - Is there a general format and timing to the different events?

    Thank you for the assistance.