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XP Farming (ELR / Fire Lily Mage, 200% booster) - good values or bad?

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    XP Farming (ELR / Fire Lily Mage, 200% booster) - good values or bad?


    I'm currently farming at TL90, and collecting an average of 150 million XP points per run, meaning that, at CL1288 and 16.7M/CL, the yield has just dropped below 10 Champion Levels per run - and it is dropping fast.
    [When I first was able to do 90 second runs of TL90, it was 15CL/run.]

    Is this par for the course, and is my frustration with the slow CL build-up only due to impatience, or would it be worth while to invest time and effort in crafting...crafting...crafting better equipment?

    I've only got five hours of Game Time left, and my hope of finally reaching CL2000 during a Silver event seems more and more like a pipe dream.
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    Yes, it decreases and the only way is to run higher levels, cap is 102 or 103 but most people farm 105 because kara is easier. What is your xp%? Should be well in excess of 3000 with 200 booster.
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        Really good xp. Fire damage, are you still using dfa? If so most people switch to beam and frost around 80. I believe haste is recommended to be 5 or better.
        I understand how slow it gets, farming 105 and get 5.
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          Thanks for the reminder.
          I am one of those Mobile players for whom Frist Beam sometimesfires in a wildy wrong direction, so I only use it above TL90, where DfA becomes VERY ineffective

        You have a slayer on your weapon ?it help a lot!
        and what about the head enchant?
        some minor thing can make you farm phase better


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          Thanks for reminding me of my greatest embarrassment ;-)
          Some ANBs ago I did VERY badly in Push, even for my limited abilities .... then I realised that I had COMPLETELY forgotten to equip the Push character with enchantments.

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          Haha it happen to everyone. Even the best ?

        At CL1200, could it be that the diminishing returns (absolute xp needed to move up 1 CL) already kicks in....?
        Amazing xp@3900+....
        I suppose your times at TL90 are comfortably under 90 secs.....I also switch to beam at 90, farming 85 with DfA until I have my 77 (after the 77 craft BoMs until receive frostbeam) and the beam gear ready...
        I suppose all of this is nothing new for you, but maybe helpful to other readers...
        Happy silvering....

        P.S. Bronze Medals got sent out...and I was very surprised to see my ranking @123 ....I thought I was much lower....Does anyone know if the cheater-expulse made for many ranking positions, or do I just have bad memory...?

        found this link in the forum, so I hope its allright to copypaste?......really great infos there
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          Thanks for the detailed answer.

          Two things:
          -The 3900+ come at a cost, as my Jewellery all ONLY has XP on it, after a painful amount of crafting all 132+.
          I have yet to find out whether "normal" Jewellery with four stats would actually improve my XP farming in spite of the lower XP values - in the same way you earn MORE Gold if you leave each run before you have collected it all.

          -Bronze: I just looked it up (I am a big fan of screenshots): my toon went up four ranks - at a much lower level, from 241 to 237, so yours should have gained AT MOST four levels as well.

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          Yep, I understand now....never tried that yet, though it has crossed my mind to make pure xp jewelry , that should be a bonus of +60%, compared to using the giftbox jewelry which I have always done so far. I am always worried my mapclearing times would suffer too much...I really find it hard to stay under 90 sec. once I switch from DfA to beam, continuously harder actually as CLs move up, possible of course at lower TLs, but then the xp/essences maths do not work out anymore. At some stage, I always give up and just farm TL 100/105 even though mostly around 2:00-2:30 because of the need for essences.

          Thanks for the bronze info, actually I may have confused it with season ranking, which is not out yet. But 4 cheaters gone is great news.

          Happy silvering...