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Dragon Crag (normal)

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    Dragon Crag (normal)

    I am fighting level 46 Dragon Cragas a level 59 Bounty Hunter, my offense is a little over 60k and I can breeze to the end of the level.
    But I can't even make a dent into the dragon which is listed at level 66. And when I say can't make a dent after about 40-60 seconds no damage and then I will die from the poison ring
    What is interesting is on level 9 trial I wipe out the same name dragon that is listed as a level 70.
    So is there some mechanic I am missing that I have to do before attacking the boss?

    Stay in the blue circle when the poison ring starts. Use yellow circle occasionally to attack for double damage.


      Also, you have to survive the first interaction where he spits green blobs before the blue circle appears. With enough movement speed you can just dodge those, especially if there is an obstacle that you can put between you and the dragon. I think it is best to fight Garm using poisoned ammo. Once you survive the first interaction, his attacks are very sequential and predictable. When the blue and orange circles appear, move into the blue circle until the poison ring passes you, then you can move into the orange circle for an attack boost. Anytime your health is failing switch back to the blue circle. In the third phase of his attack, the blue and orange circles will have a red outline, then he rises up and everything in both circles bursts into flames. If you watch your green status bar at the bottom of the screen you can move into one of the alcoves to fight those enemies and cause him to spawn in a narrow area, which causes the circles to overlap each other giving you the attack bonus and the health bonus at the same time.

      Good luck!


        The boss for the next story level boss is even worse than Garm.

        Garm on 4-46 is more like Garm from TL38 or TL 48.

        In addition to everything else said? You can:

        1) Improve your gear.
        2) Increase the levels of your abilities.
        3) Come back to 4-46 after getting your hero to level 70 by either running trials or rerunning story levels, trials are faster.

        As you level up to 70? Unless you change out gear? You actually get weaker with every level that you gain.


        One point of Power at level 1 is far more power than one point of Power at level 70. That holds true for pretty much all the abilities that cause damage, prevent damage or reduce cooldowns. If you increased your hero to level 70 and came back and fought Garm with all the same gear that you have right now? The fight would be even harder.

        The attributes that do not get weaker as you level up are Critical Damage, Life on Hit, Armor, Life Regeneration, Experience and Extra Gold. Pretty much everything else gets weaker as you level up.

        Having the right abilities and your abilities at a higher level can allow your hero to successfully punch fifteen to twenty enemy levels above your hero's level.

        Once you start getting your champion levels? Normal story levels fairly quickly become simplistic.


          Thank you, the blue and yellow/orange circles help. The rest was a breeze to Heroic compared to that.