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Correlation between Gemstone Drop rate and Trial Level?

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    Correlation between Gemstone Drop rate and Trial Level?

    Sorry for such a short topic!

    I did look to see if I could find the answer on my own.

    I am XP farming (ANB) and I was wondering if there is any information about Gemstone drop rate and Trial Levels so that I may hold off on using my Gold boosters to farm higher levels?

    ... KTB

    I have noticed that higher trials always gives more gemstone drops than lower trials. And it's the exact same number of gemstones, depending upon trial level, regardless of how long it takes to clear (I haven't paid attention in recent months so I don't know if they changed anything). The only time I used Currency Boosters is when I'm farming XP in Gold/Silver because I don't want to keep those boosters after ANB.


    • mousse
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      Editing a comment
      That's odd. I just ran some Trial and got different results. TL 65 = 17 gemstones(8 rough, 7 common), TL70 = 17 gemstones (16 rough, 1 common). TL 75 = 18 gemstones (14 rough, 4 common). I ran TL20 after my XP booster wore off because it's ANB, I don't want to waste XP boosters. TL 20 = 14 (8 rough, 6 common). I didn't have currency boosters active.

      Getting only 4 gemstones at TL 90 is crazy low, unless you somehow got something better than commons. I only get roughs and commons.

      Edit: I think you might have stumbled on a bug. Unless it's another round of A-B testing. It would suck if trials only drop 4 gem stones from now on. Jewelry crafting would require crazy amount of grinding to get enough stones.
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