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ELR Mage: bored by doing 5 star runs of "Underworld"?

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    ELR Mage: bored by doing 5 star runs of "Underworld"?


    a while ago Rob Spooner / Whispy reported in one of his videos, that - if you face her without first dealing with her three named minions - Kara fights about as she does (IIRC) in Trial 155 [I think he tried in Legendary difficulty]; so just a few percent of all players could likely beat her that way.

    I just checked what would happen if I eliminated one if the three - I chose Modrok, the one you get to when you turn left at the top of the main corridor.

    The result surprised me: with just Modrok gone, it took my Mage (ELR/GMC/DfA / heroic difficulty) less time to beat her than in TL105, which I ran afterwards for comparison.

    Until now I have always avoided doing 5 star runs for this level - no more!
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    Yes eliminate one on normal/heroic and two on legendary and she is manageable, if you haven't tried on any level without eliminating at least one you should.


    • papa jim
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      Ok, just once go try legendary.

    • Medamanaman
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      That would be QUITE ambitious, as even my Push character has never yet advanced beyond TL 133 (slow player AND mobile only), let alone my 5 star runner, but I suppose it WOULD be interesting to see what kind of Kara the top players face in the 150s; once the current 5 star runner has reached the Underworld, I will probably set both it and the Push character against Kara - once each, 10 minutes max.

    • Otaliema
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      Just tried Legendary on my push (TL133). She one shot me lol. I managed one full rotation and did about 8% damage.
      On Heroic I can survive about 6 hits from her. So I’m guessing TL140ish. I guess I need some more armor and LOH.
      Good place to check boss survivability for higher trials with having run an entire trial to do it.

      Normal appears to be about TL90 based on how fast I took her down.

    yeah legendary Kara without killing the minions is not straightforward, I had a video somewhere but can't find it...
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