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    Mage Questions

    So I have few questions about building a mage. I've leveled one to 70 but never really looked at a guide or anything . I started a new mage for the event and finding it hard even in trial one to even kill anything, a lot harder than I remember it being for some reason. Like I can't even clear trial 1 fast enough at level 12 and die a bunch trying to do quest in first act and don't know what Im doing wrong. But here are some questions I have

    1. What gear set is best for mage?

    2. What stats should I focus on maxing with the character level points?

    3. What stats should I put on gear when I'm crafting it?

    4. What stats should I be looking for on gear for clearing trials? (not farming gear)

    5. What gems should I focus on putting in open socket gear?

    6. What skills should I focus on leveling first?

    7. What percentage and total stats should I focus ion getting them to in order? (Like ex. Ability Power 1k)

    8. What level is best for farming crafting materials and gold?

    Sorry so many questions but like I said I've played a character to 70 but never really studied specifics or best way to do things. Really enjoy the eternium tho, honestly best rpg game on mobile in my opinion. Reminds me of a different version of diablo 2. Appreciate the help ahead of time.


    This will help answer most of your questions

    ... KTB