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    To CT or not

    Hey all, hope everyone is having fun this ANB. Just got this dope drop and am debating whether to CT it or not. Anyone know what max stats would be for L77 Epic Sang? I know I can keep it without CT since it is a drop. More interested in maxing it's stats as my best legendary Sang is a L73 with 1429-1786 damage.
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    You can you the celestial orb (this is not the same as celestial transform) to see what stats max out at

    Celestial orbs can be crafted from ingrid under the "enchanting" section

    Drag it to a item and it will pop open a box for you to choose what to boost as well as the max value for that Stat incluing the base damage or armor

    I don't know if the orb disappears at end event if it's crafted in anb so might as well do it outside anb if you can't really afford to make 1


      I don't know if epics and legs are the same but my leg sang (not cted) is 1.931 to 2.414)

      2.423.6 is the max is I check with the orb



        Epic have lower values than Legendary, according to this ( you're looking at: 1,809 - 2,262 (max, but CT will only get it to near-max... so not sure of exact values you'll get)
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          Use the Quality Control spreadsheet from my Dropbox (link in signature) for this kind of questions. It will show you the ranges, and what the Celestial Transform would do.
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