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The "No Spell" Motel

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    The "No Spell" Motel

    After endless hours of speeding through story mode levels, I've distilled the three spell gestures into quick, economical movements that activate the abilities almost 100% of the time IN STORY MODE.

    However, once I'm fighting in the Arena or in high trial levels, the same gestures that worked so smoothly in story mode suddenly generate a series of "no spell" responses from the game.

    At first, I thought that I might have been messing up and getting the movements wrong, but after repeated testing and observation, I've come to see that I'm making the same exact gestures, but that their success rate at executing the requisite spells has dropped drastically, resulting in as many as five to seven "no spell" responses before the ability fires up.

    Can anyone please explain why this is happening and how I might be able to reduce or deal with it? It's becoming quite frustrating and is causing losses in otherwise winnable battles and is significantly affecting my TL clear times.

    Is so frustrating, much worse when the FPS drop. I have re-joined the Beta and re-installed that version and it seems less fussy about panicky input , Seems to me they may of (tweaked!) the "circle" drawing as it catches a lot more of the hurriedly input gestures.... not so bad if your a Mage, although using up the precious vortex has gotta be annoying in a long battle at higher trial levels.


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      The thing is, movement is just taps, so pretty much anything else involving some sort of continuous line is a spell gesture.

      I've seen it happen in some of Romme's videos too. He draws an upward arc, and gets "no spell." I mean, what else is an upward arc supposed to be other than the ^ spell gesture? Shouldn't the game be coded to accept that?

      And I'm not even including all the times that my gestures register, which I know they did because the name of the spell shows up on the screen, but nothing happens.
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