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Glory Priorities for ANB

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    Glory Priorities for ANB

    I have 105 Glory and expect to gain 20 for the final Season reward soon. How would you suggest spending my Glory budget, considering that I'm still new, not fast, and playing without cash spend?

    I'm thinking recipes for Firelily & Fury Pants and Sabatons.

    No gamer background. I did reread the ANB guides, some related threads, Crafting Leveling, pinned posts, & Eternium for Dummies. I'm hoping I got most of my big mistakes out of the way. I have all for-gold recipes unlocked, plus Belt of the Whirling Storm, Charm of Quol, Talisman of Storms, and Vial of Windstorm.

    I'm leaning toward Firelily because it's favored for the Warlord/Fury Bladestorm Warrior I play. Planning a new Warrior for Silver 13. Tempted to get a BOM recipe, but it's class-restricted and I've scored some in drops. I'm planning to create my first BH soon.

    I play mobile only, so speed is a huge priority. I'm aware of the Ephemeral boxes, trying to make the best choices with Glory.

    Background: It's been months since I played Eternium. My previous old tablet couldn't play the finale of Act 4. I came back on Friday with a new tablet, and I'm experimenting with an external micro keyboard.

    My main objective is to increase my Champion level and reach higher trials. I think this is my fourth ANB, and T79 was the highest I reached on the old tablet. I have a fully unlocked ELR mage, too. I'm at 910 CL and only lvl 30 Crafting. I've been practicing getting faster at gold runs and trials with Warrior at Synergy 90. So much to learn.

    BTW, I understand the starting date for Silver 13 isn't guaranteed, yet if it does start [today--Correction, tomorrow], at what time would it open? I'll keep slamming on crafting level and CP, curious how much time is left. Are we there yet?

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    will let someone else answer the warrior questions, most events start on a friday at 17:00 utc, so still over 24 hours before silver might start.


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      Thanks, papa jim. That's a relief!

    IF, as you say, Silver 13 opens, it's typically 17:00 UTC on the "planned" Friday during DST (now, during winter), 16:00 UTC the rest of the year.

    There's nothing wrong with your build approach above. You, at least, seem to have thought of a plan to progress based on YOUR priorities. And you can always alter them in the future as the need (or mood of the day) dictates.

    There are tricks of the trade that can make you more efficient during gameplay, and that's part of the learning process (part of the fun). Making mistakes along the way are NOT bad things. There's no right or wrong way to play this game, as long as you abide by its rules while YOU are having fun -- the only consequence.

    (And for those of you not having fun, skip out and find something else where you can.)
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      Thanks, Warrior7. That's a timely reminder for keeping it fun.
      Great to know the possible start time for this and future ANBs Travis was clear that it's not definite for today--correction: tomorrow--so I'm holding it lightly while doing my best to prepare. Great proverb. Yeah, I have to take risks and cope with mistakes all the time in my work. I'm still prone to disappointment. Easing up on my expectations while still hoping for a breakthrough in this ANB.
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    Normally, with a fire Lilly warrior and the ephemeral boxes, you should be able to reach tl100-110 without too much problems, even without lvl 77 weapons. Tl 100 will give you some nice boosters for exp and gold to help with those cl.

    So your plan seems solid

    I would indeed wait with the bom. They are expensive crafts since you have a 1 in 10 chance to get the bonus you want (probably cleave damage is best for the build you are planning).

    For the rest, I would recommend saving up for a second trinket. Charm of qol for the secondary attack or talisman of power for extra damage are the best options together with fire Lilly. Since you can build whatever armour set you want from the boxes, having a second trinket unlocked will help you way more.
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      Thanks, Kardinaal. You solved my priorities conundrum.

      It's been months since my last ANB. I wasn't considering the greater importance of trinkets due to the availability of armor via Ephemeral boxes.

      The details about BOMs crafting and the best trinkets to pair with Fire Lily help a lot. I have the Charm of Quol recipe, thanks to good advice here months ago. Gorgona dropped a Talisman of Power on me today, so I'll try it in my practice Trials.

      I'll get the Fire Lily and hold the rest of the Glory. Have a great ANB. I'm glad Shield Warriors regained power.

    Consider these two options:

    1. Buy a lily, craft an epic/legendary one very early (could be a level 1-2 lily with all water essences, stats and level don't matter compared to the 4 or 5 times damage boost). Level up easily with lily (could use vial for the nice area damage). Then use the new glory and ephemerals to craft 6f xp set - upgrading pants and boots is a great idea for the extra MS. I'd suggest not to do too many trials without ww 10, because it will be two times slower, so either wait a few days, gem it or do something else, e.g. gold farming while it is ready.

    In this scenario you won't have bracers, so you'll rely on Storm of swords and Tornadoes to do the damage. This is not an issue for xp farming by any means, and you will surely be able to get both CTs for the event, and very likely the glory from 120 as well.

    2. Take the crit way, perhaps buy 1-2 fury recipes first and use the new glory to unlock bracers. Levelling to 70 will be harder than with lily and xp farming will be slower at first. Once you gain some CLs, craft better xp gear (which is very taxing on fire essences), and level up charge for the CR bonus, clear times will improve a lot. It might take a few hours to catch up. And finally you can push higher using the current meta with your new cleave bracers.

    Tbh both options are good, so it depends on your priorities in anb and what you need for your main

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      Excellent and encouraging help, thanks bojock. I bought the Lily and I''m using it with a Talisman of Power (a drop, I don't have the recipe) on my current Warrior (warlord/mixed xp gear, Bladestorm, Belt of the Whirling storm. It's making a major difference. Yes, WW 10 is a huge time saver. Leveling CLs as fast as possible will make this my best ANB. I've had time management issues and misunderstood basic things on my previous attempts months back.

      I'm experimenting with an external keyboard, but I still feel slow. Even using WW 10 and Vortex, my mob drawing results are erratic. I have Vial unlocked and one on hand. I'll check it out with Lily.

      It's good to know there's more Glory at 120. I'd be thrilled to reach lvl 100+. Thanks for taking the time to help and have a fantastic ANB.
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      Good luck : ) Lily is a real quality of life improvement for early game, so haven't gone wrong with it.

      Btw how does casting work with keyboard on a tablet? On PC when you press a key (say 1) you cast a spell where your cursor is hovering at the moment (if it's a targeted spell). On the tablet do you play with keyboard only? Then perhaps it will cast where your last tap was, as there is no cursor...

    Thanks! The Lily/Vial experiment went well. I made a low level Legendary as you suggested--it gives double the damage of the Rare I had on hand.

    Theoretically, the keyboard casts occur at the cursor location.
    I'm experimenting with a combination of using my finger on the touchscreen and making the most of KB commands that move the warrior, Charge, Leap, WW. Still
    practicing to get coordination. The micro KB has arrow keys, but I can't get them to work here.

    The micro KB is attached to a case that holds the tablet, and I stabilize it on a box to have both hands free.

    The 123 key attacks are consistent, but QWE keep changing. Sometimes Vortex is triggered by Q, sometimes, W, and so on. For me, it's still faster than drawing runes, although I still do some of them by drawing, especially Vortex. This build with Bladestorm, Whirling Storm belt, Integras? Mantle, and these trinkets has a lot of chain reactions. I just tested hitting the same keys over and over QWE3 (I have WW on 3) In sizable mob, the Warrior keeps battling for good stretches.

    I've considered getting an adapter for a mouse, but Eternium has my tablet running hot, so I'm keeping it simple.

    May fortune favor you.
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      Naos, No offense at all. ATM, no PC available. I started playing Eternium because it's designed for mobile. Unfortunately, when I draw runes, they are often not recognized. That wastes time and takes a lot of fun out of playing.

      The micro keyboard is awkward, but I get faster, more consistent results with less hand fatigue. I'm still practicing the keyboard/ touch flow with my previous warrior. I don't want to waste ANB time experimenting.

      I'm glad to know you reached TL 120-120 on mobile. I'm following Nhat's excellent guide, Furious Flaming Axes, pinned in the Warrior's forum.

      I still feel slow. Vortex is unreliable no matter how I cast it, even when the command registers on the screen and it's not in cooldown. Still, I think I have a shot at TL 90+ this time via following directions!

      Yeah, I'm trying to consider this ANB as practice, whatever happens. I rarely take so much time off work, so it's a unique opportunity. Trying to make the most of it!

      Thanks for checking in, appreciate your perspective. May fortune favor you.

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      Raingold glad that i am not misunderstood. Not being a native English speaker may result in unintended discussions sometimes...


      To my experience; AnB's are first to have a solid plan and a good execution at that. Skills comes later.

      I am confident that in the end you'll find yourself at a better place than you'd expect.

      Good luck and have fun.

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      Naos, your posts are clear. I understand your concern. I'm hesitant in other languages. You have a good attitude, and you're right about planning. I'm having fun now. Even though I was away for months, my previous ANBs helped me prepare for this one. So far, it's going well. Thanks for your giod wishes. Good luck to you, too.

    Thanks for the tips, everyone. I unlocked Fire Liy and Talisman of Power. Crafted Legendaries after lv 70. Got a 72 and 74 and added a socket to the Power.

    I reached TL 90 yesterday for my first CT--first ever. Now at CL 820. I followed Nhat's guide and started with 6 Fury from the Epic boxes. Also gained two Legendary Fury with good stats, so I might not need to unlock those. Crafted Legendary Warlord pants and Sabatons this morning. Scored a Whirlwind BOM drop.

    I'm going to see how this goes and possibly craft two more Warlord pieces.

    I might save some Glory and gems for my first BH. I came back to the gem and gold bank from my first Season. Starting Silver with resources was loads more fun than starting from nothing. I'm farming XP and aiming for TL 100+.

    BTW, I opted to run Story to Canyon of Whispers. That worked great for early Gold, BOLs, and gemstones.

    Wishing you all a satisfying ANB.

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