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    ANB Strategy/Reforge

    First post...hello all!

    I'm fairly new to the game, maybe 3 months in? I feel I'm starting to grasp it pretty well (top 15 last ANB), but I'm still trying to understand some of the finer details and strategies. It's probably too late to try this on the current ANB, so maybe next time. Anyhow, usually I use the epic boxes to create a Fury XP set, and run that until the last hour or so, getting my CL as high as possible. Then I craft legendary push gear and, well, push. I've seen some people crafting legendary XP, then reforging for push. I don't spend a lot of money on ANB, usually $10, so I generally am low-ish on resources. Is reforging crafted legendary efficient? Or is it too risky with the random attributes? Any advice is appreciated!

    I've yet to try the 4W/2F build for push, I'm going to tinker with that over the spring season to try and get a feel for it before the next ANB. For now im just trying to medal this gold ANB. Much more difficult this time around, looks like I got bumped into the higher class from placing high last ANB. Thanks in advance for any responses!

    You might check in the Discord. There's a link on the forum home page if you haven't been there yet. Congrats on your fast progress and good luck.


      Ryan Brach, hello, and welcome!

      Your initial strategy is excellent (probably the best).

      And yes, reforging XP Legs to a Push set is yet another strategy. I'm doing this now in ANB Gold (and I would only recommend it during Gold). You've already hinted at THE major deficiency in this strategy. The reforge to remove the XP stat ahead of push is, at best, a very poor crap shoot to secure the best stat for the gear piece. You often find you have to compromise on a non-ideal stat from the 3 or 4 offered to you after you pay for the privilege to reforge with gems. Even a reforge of the reforge (and it's only on the one stat) most likely won't get you a better stat roll, although sometimes it will. Thus, this strategy comes with a caveat: it's an inefficient use of gems -- you certainly will not be getting the best bang for the buck. I used reforging this Gold round since I had plenty of gems to spend coming off the last Season Event where I bought the season pass.

      With all that said, however, there's no harm in trying it, especially during the next Bronze, where you have lots of gameplay time (12 hours). You'll definitely learn a lot about managing time and resources simply by going through the process.

      In any event, and before the next ANB, do save up on all your gems, the most important currency in the game.
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        Thanks for the responses!

        Yes, after I gave it some thought, it really won't be an issue outside of gold. Bronze and silver I actually have time to farm.

        My other concern would be making a 77 XP legendary item...that would be unfortunate. I havent really dug into the ratios for when i may or may not hit on a 77 yet.

        This is my first gold, so it's definitely a learning experience. My CL is much lower, less gold, less mats...even the drops aren't as good, but I'm sure that's just a function of play time (I've only had 1 BoM drop, whereas silver I had 5 or 6).

        Thanks again, I have a lot to consider for the next gold ANB. Now I just need to figure out how to medal in this one.


          Reforging is a great option, but it can get extremely expensive if you are reforging to a single desirable stat. I spent over 2k gems once to reforge CD on a weapon, as I really wanted it for my main xp farmer... On the other hand if you can use 1/3 stats, it's usually 20 gems or 50 at most, which is totally worth it for a high-level item. So if you can switch a 75+ xp item to push for 20 gems, go for it : ) That said, reforging a whole lot of xp items just doesn't make sense.

          Regarding warrior ANB strategies - a good option is to use the ephemeral boxes for the initial xp gear (firelily or crit), then craft legendary crit xp gear (1 craft for each item), and try to craft good weapons. If fire essences are limited, just craft them without xp. It's better to farm with good push weapons (perhaps CT-ed), enchanted with slayer, than with low-level xp weapons. Then you might improve some of the xp items, especially in the longer events. In the end reforge xp off the best items, and then recraft the rest when you know the outcome of the reforges.

          One more thing - make sure to use Pythia - it's a crafting assistant that helps you with the odds for the next crafts. It gets better the more crafts you enter, just be careful to enter correct info. There's a link in the Discord server + usage tips.

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            Thanks again for the responses. I'm a semi-serious player, probably lean closer to casual. Don't have or use discord. That said, Pythia sounds like a great tool, I'll have to look into it.

            This last ANB I ended up 260-something, but i didn't even finish my time. Ran out of gold and it was really just a lesson in time management. Gold ANB really is a different beast altogether. I'll have to plan better moving forward, as i believe the tiered LB system will have me permanently in the top bracket if I understand that correctly.

            Bojck, you hit on something I was curious about. I've been getting the feeling that at a certain point dropping XP Stat for a push Stat would actually end up netting you more XP overall. I kind of tested it by swapping my XP jewelry for push at around trial 80 if I remember. It seemed to help, but gold ANB had me reeling so I wasn't certain. Has anyone done any actual testing to see where this may apply? At what trial level or CL, assuming the toon has been using an epic ephemeral XP set up to that point? I feel like there would be a fairly obvious marker...I also assume that this would only apply to certain items (armor vs. weapons vs. jewelry).

            I will also reiterate that I still have a lot to learn. I've only pushed with a 6F set, haven't tried the 2F4W meta before...need to try it in bronze where I have time to learn actual movement strategies and such. I also haven't used any enchantments other than some lesser just because I had excess gold/mats at the tail end of a push.

            Great info here. Every time i think ive got it all figured out, i end up finding a thread about how to do it better haha


            • bojck
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              well there aren't any obvious markers, first because it's hard to measure the effect properly (trial times vary, so you have to make at least 10 runs with both setups to have a remotely accurate result), and also because the ANB goals differ. E.g. with xp on all gear you usually maximize xp gain, but using push jewelry will yield more mats.

              Personally I use (some) push jewelry up to say trial 100, until I finish crafting the xp/eg pieces. But that's also because I need some gold to craft it (around 400k in total for all 3). Last ANB I was CL 900 by then, around 25 minutes in the event. From then on it's xp gear on everything.

              It makes the most sense to omit xp on weapons, if you craft a lot of them and are very short on fire essences. On all other gear I'd suggest to stick with xp until it's time for push

            Overall some good advice offered here. I would emphasize a couple of key points:

            - while not perfect, Pythia will help you get the most out of your crafts; you should prioritize that.
            - the 6Fury gear set that you make using the epic-boxes can get you to TL110 without much difficulty if you craft decent Legendary weapons and trinkets to go with it
            - it is a decent strategy to start with the epic boxes, but you can also upgrade those starter pieces to Legendary as you build up materials
            - craft CD on every weapon craft, so for the push you can reforge to get any damage stat instead of trying to roll CD [that has saved me a bunch of gems]
            - most experienced players are adding XG on their XP farming jewelry to avoid having to farm gold and it generally works well [I still save dropped gear with XG stats for quick cash on big expenses such as transmuting greater essences or creating Slayer enchants for weapons]

            Overall, to be competitive, you are going to need lots of gold and lots of materials. If you cannot buy those with gems, then you have to be very efficient in your trial farming runs. Shorter completion times = more resources, so shoot for around 60 seconds from start to boss kill. While most players try to have XP on all farming gear and jewelry, you probably can skip the XP on your weapons and still do well.

            Good luck!


              Thank you all again, there are a lot of great details in these responses. I'll be approaching ANB much differently next time around. I'll respond in this thread about any changes or different strategies I use the next couple ANB's, and the outcomes. Might help someone else in the future.

              A little off topic...but since we're in season play right now, I've been tinkering with my main toon. Im sitting on 40 Jboxes...I've read the guides on making perfect jewelry, so I'm not worried about that part. Just wondering if it's a good idea to use Jboxes for XP/XG jewelry, or if they are better used for push jewelry. I have 13mil gold and 14k gems (and some time), so I'm thinking it might be better to just craft it from scratch. I'll defer to the experts here though.


              • bojck
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                I usually use 4 jboxes per jewelry piece, one for each stat, which combined with some good greens (2 89+ per stat) makes it perfect (e.g. 301 power as first stat). With 40 in the stash you can surely spare some for xp/eg jewelry and still have enough for new push pieces

              First reply....

              Hi to all the game masters, so i just started the game for a month now and managed to hit rank 3 contender league anb gold (waiting for official announcement). Deleted my main char and made my event char main, that's a BH by the way. Had a blast starting the anb gold with 450 gems, lvl 10 crafting, almost 0 recipes. Made lots of mistakes there and hoping to get better with the current anb... Been reading post on leaderboard separation, looks like i got pushed to master league with less hopes reaching top ?. My current crafting level is 22, wondering how to beat the top 100 players on masters league, be posting my progress soon. how to add image here, im using Android.


                Just a quick update for anyone reading, maybe it will help some folks. Just ended bronze ANB - ended up 260-something place in the Masters league, and I left >7 hours of play on the table because, well, I just didn't have the time to play this round. Believe I ended on trial 130 in the 7min range, using a 6F set.

                Some notes:

                - Crafted dedicated XG set this time and it was a game changer for me. Was actually able to craft a few 77's this time with the extra income. I only cleared act 1, and farmed Descent. Using a 200% booster I could clear 2mil I believe in 30min. This was epic 4W2F (wanted to try that meta, as I've never played it). With practice and better gear I think you may be able to double the amount of gold per booster.

                - I used the epic reward gear boxes to build out a 6F XP set and used that until TL90 i believe, then started crafting legendary XP gear. Also crafted epic XP jewelry.

                - Speaking of legendary XP gear...tried reforging this time. Did not have good results. Burned through about 500 gems before I called it quits. I guess if you have an abundance of gems this may be worth it, as I did end up just selling a 77 XP fury piece, but it wasn't for me.

                - To the person who posted need to get crafting to max level ASAP. Only way you'll have a chance in Master league.

                - Regarding there any more info on that? I can now see it's value after trashing a 77 XP set item. I searched the Play store and didn't find it. Is it even an app?

                - I put Slayer on both my weapons, didn't really seem to make a difference. It's quite expensive, does anyone have enchantment advice? I don't see myself in the top 10 conversation anytime soon, so I'm wondering if using those resources for other enchantments would be a better idea.

                On a final note, I found that bronze is too much time. I think silver is the sweet spot for me. Looking forward to gold as well, since I have a much better plan now. Thanks again to everyone that has replied!


                • bojck
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                  Pythia: there are two links, if this one fails, there's a backup, but I don't remember it:

                  Regarding gold farming - I use 6f and Belt of whirling storm with warrior (if farming Severed Mountain no set gear is required). At Morgenheim this Bronze I got around 10M gold + around 100 hours worth of books of learning with one booster, which was enough to level up WW to 10 and start farming xp fast.

                  Slayer does improve farming times, especially the first enchantment. Boss fights are noticeably shorter. The helm Slayer enchantment makes mob phase shorter, so these two are top priority for me.

                • HunterX
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                  I barely had time to play lol i rushed playing 8hours last day of the event and did not break top500 master league... was in the 600++ still on level 23 mastery crafting gotta farm crafting materials and gold for leveling mastery...
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                Next bronze/silver I'll definitely finish the story so I can farm Morgenheim. The mistake I made this time was applying lessons learned in gold ANB...the same rules just don't apply with all the extra time. I also let all my skills cook all week to avoid using gems...that wasn't necessary, and ended up making me not finish. More lessons learned I suppose.

                I'll pay more attention next go around to slayer. Didn't even realize there was a slayer helm enchantment.


                • davidz
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                  Not much time in silver, so it’s less of a good idea to farm Morgenheim. I usually play the trials after level 10, and get tornado after level 25, then I farm trials until my tornado and lily can’t kill the mobs immediately, and then I wait for ww10. I put EG on my gears so I can get gold while farming XP.
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                Thanks for the Pythia link btw, it works. Should I create a new hero to craft so I have a clean slate? Looks like that's the way to get the best accuracy.


                • WarriorSeven
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                  Your should wait for the next Silver ANB, which is coming up within a week or so. Your new toon will have MANY advantages of the much cheaper development costs vs those in creating a new champ from scratch. Also, with a new toon (and clean slate), crafting using Pythia guide will provide some advantage to create an L77 item sooner rather than later. Just make sure that if you intend to save your toon after the ANB event that you have a free slot; if not, a new free slot will cost you 1000 gems.

                  Some other suggestions, which you may already be aware of:

                  1) Pythia also requires you keep accurate records of the crafted level for every Legendary Set or Unique item (and your crafting Mastery Level must be 50, the max.). You'll want to carefully note EVERY craft and its associated level (ie., 72 74 73 72 72 etc.); BEST kept in a spreadsheet so you can simply copy and paste the entire level sequence into Pythia's data entry field. Otherwise, you'll have to type in the sequence, which is prone to data entry error and will ruin the expected guess of the estimator -- especially as the list grows.

                  TIP: Do take the extra time to ensure you keep an accurate, sequenced database for your toon; even 1 missed craft or 1 wrong recorded level will upset the entire applecart and suddenly Pythia will not work as intended!

                  2) Also, Pythia is a modified statistical predictor, but it's not perfect. So you may be surprised on occasion of an expected result vs one it predicted. Over time, though, ostensibly it's the best tool the Eternium gamer has at guessing what the next craft level will be for an item -- that is, until the devs nerf or buff the crafting system, then we're back to square one looking for a new tool, LOL!

                  3) When it's guessing at a low level craft next (72, for example), craft the item as a "throwaway", using stats of your most common resources, like Greater Essence of Water instead of those that are far more valuable and rare, like Fire and Air. Then simply sell your cheap, useless item (while in ANB) or salvage it outside the event. Carefully record the level, check Pythia for the next expected item level(s), then craft again. Rinse and repeat while you have the necessary gold, crafting reagents, and essences; othewise, farm until you do. For each craft, you come closer and closer to getting an L77.

                  4) For other crafts, where the predictor shows better than an L72 item, always decide if you want to keep the item after crafting. If it improves your toon's overall stats, fine! Your toon just got buffed, and your crafting just became an investment. Over time, your ultimate goal is to slowly replace every Legendary set or unique item with L77 pieces, the highest level. To further enhance your awesome piece, remember to add Enchantments and gemstones.

                  5) And once you get that prized L77, apply a Celestial Transform (CT) to it to bring all its stats to near perfection while also adding a near perfect Vitality Stat. Once you CT your item, the item will be permantly bound to that toon and can't be used on another. Also, while in ANB, add a gemstone socket for to those items that don't have one before you CT your item (2 sockets for the chest items), the costs being much lower. You can CT lower level items, but to me it's sort of a waste -- BUT many do it (I wouldn't apply a CT to anything lower than L75). And you can recover a portion of those CT's (especially on lower level items) if you salvage the CT'd item. A salvaged CT'd item produces 1 Celestial Essence (CE). After 3 salvaged CT'd items producing 3 CE's, you can then re-craft 1 CT at Ingrid's station (and it will cost some gold as well). So, CT recovery is not one-for-one but one-from-three.

                  6) Finally, only craft using a mobile device rather than on PC. As hard at it is to believe, the Random Number Generators used in mobiles behave more like true RNG's than those used in PCs.