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ANB Gem Total for top performers - 10K??

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  • HunterX
    Just started this game and been it for a month now, ranked 3 and Gold (unofficial) with a starting gem of 450 and completely free to play. How do i attach image here?

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  • bojck
    Yup as Splendor said, with 1500-2000 gems you can achieve very similar results compared to 10k gems, especially in the longer events. For me it's trial 157 with 2k with mage in Silver/Bronze, potentially 158 with a bigger budget...

    Tbh even if I spend generously, I never gem all abilities to lvl 5 (just 1-2 that I need or want to leave 'cooking' over the first night). The only ability that is really worth gemming is Whirlwind 10.

    Research slot is 400.

    Initial crates - a legendary crate is not necessary in the long events. If you have the gems, save them for Gold.

    Jewelry crafting - I usually use 50-100, again if you're on a budget, only spend that in Gold.

    Boosters - depends on the strategy and goals. For me Silver/Bronze is often an investment in Champion levels, so I farm with 200% xp all the time (which is usually 5-6 hours). Gold boosters are plenty, haven't counted the free ones but there might be 6 of them? If playing on a budget, you can do 1-2 gold boosters for pure gold farming. The rest can be used while xp farming for some extra gemstones and gold.

    For me the most important purchases are:
    skill/companion unlocks (cheap)
    second healer (mages/bh) - 500
    upgrade slot - 400
    some cheap crates to kick things off.

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  • Splendor
    I've spent less than 2k gems in my last 4 anbs and have finished top 25 or better in all 4. I've also managed to craft 2 77s in 3 out of the 4. This is due to being able to farm trials fairly efficiently and knowing how to get by with limited materials early on in the event. In several events I've used boosters under 200% (100% or 50%) and have managed 2000+ cls in Silver and Bronze and 1960 cls in the last 2 Golds.

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  • ricklhall
    started a topic ANB Gem Total for top performers - 10K??

    ANB Gem Total for top performers - 10K??

    (Finrolx character) I finished my first gold (and second ANB). Got to TL95 before I ran out of time.
    I probably spent about 1500 gems net. Not sure how many in total. I had did NOT have the materials to even think about crafting a lvl 77 item.
    As I read the ANB Event Planning thread along with Nhat's ANB Fire Lily Build thread, do I have this something close to right - Top folks spend something near 10k Gems?
    I understand my list is Gross rather than Net, maybe everyone does not do all of the XP/XG boosting, etc.
    Trying to understand where I really need to be for my first Bronze ANB.

    ANB GEM COSTS -10533
    1 2 3 4 5 All
    Inventory Row -5 -10 -15 -15 -15 -60
    Companion Slot -25 -50 -75
    Ability Slot -5 -10 -25 -20 -50 -110
    Total -245
    Research Slots -645
    Boosting Abilities - lvl 4 -378
    Boosting Abilities - lvl 5 -525
    Initial Crafter's Crates -450
    one legendary crafting crate -2500
    Jewelry Crafting -265
    Rewarded Bought
    Boosters Needed 24
    200% XP boosters entire event 5 19 -3800
    200% Gold boosters entire event 1 23 -1725