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What advantages do a PC player have over Mobile?

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    What advantages do a PC player have over Mobile?

    Besides being able to execute their abilities faster, are there any other advantages for PC players?

    Some mobile players actually execute some actions faster than PC players, by using two thumbs. Thus they move with one thumb and draw with the other, which can happen faster than moving your mouse cursor back and forth across the screen.

    Also some mobile devices maintain higher fps than PC - for example my fps drops to 20-30 in the mob phase on PC, while some gaming phones can maintain 100+. That said, almost all skills are not affected much or at all by fps, contrary to what many players believe. Snipe is an exception, as it hits more targets on devices running higher fps.

    The biggest disadvantage for mobile mages is that they can't use vortex/stun while beaming, which makes a very significant difference.

    And of course the smaller screen just doesn't let you see as much and dodge, but some guys still handle that unbelievably well...
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      As a shield warrior:

      Just a very tiny thing:

      I hv problem with elban via mobile

      ​​​​​​MAny time i can't seems to see clearly some of elban's means of attacking? when usin mobile. either the screen is too small or maybe something else or just my imagination or ??? .

      Suddenly I'm dead

      usin PC for years (2017--2021) and everythin is so clear, so nice so etc etc
      HV a nice day

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        Bigger screen ....
        1. When using mage you can cast vortex while on frostbeam 2. Faster response or skill casting


          I'm such a freakin' average player, I hardly see any difference.
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