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    One thing I'm SICK of

    If you've been in the upper trial levels, I think you'll understand. The Fiery type liches are an absolutely broken gameplay mechanic the likes of which I have rarely seen. I think I'll post video evidence of this later, but I'll do my best to explain it. First a quick preface.

    My hero has a good bit of vitality, maybe too much for the current meta favored by PC players who forgo it almost entirely outside celestial. I hover at a little over 200,000 hp, but this means nothing when a single arrow or zombie fart kills your epic hero instantaneously. I can float it up over 300k with jewelry, but it's not worth it.

    I accept that I can't get hit by enemies virtually ever, but there's still a red line for me. If a Fiery Trapper can spawn his rotating flames literally on top of me at any moment for an insta-kill, well frankly that's bull? of the highest order. This should never be an acceptable tactic in any game & at any difficulty. To be clear, it's fine if these flame traps are spawned in the play area, BUT NOT at my exact coordinates. The former adds some challenge, while the latter is inexcusable.

    Later trial levels are already as fun as bathing in toxic sludge, but for God's sake, please someone fix this one broken spell & I'll acquiesce.

    I know what you mean... There are several other effects that don't give you any chance to react, such as teleporting archers that appear on top of you and fire immediately (that's more rare than flames though). Or chargers combined with Accelerator elites
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      If you gather two groups of elites with different aura then pull them with other normal groups, you have no choice but to repeat the run. Running a trial with just killing at least three groups of elites with favorable aura in trial pushing especially in ANBs is a matter of luck.


        I hate it when i spawn the boss and there's still mobs near by. If he kills me I then spawn close enough that the mobs attack me, then I die over and over until I give up. Would be nice if the map was cleared of mobs when boss spawns. Doesnt seem fair that we should waste time moving the boss to a better position. The dragons really don't like to move!


          Originally posted by Jude Smith View Post
          I hate it when i spawn the boss and there's still mobs near by.
          This, at least, IMHO, is actually a legitimate part of the game - to tell mediocre players such as me apart from the really good ones.

          If, for example, you watch Rob Spooner's YouTube videos, you will occasionally hear comments from him like "The Broken Dragon should spawn soon; this seems to be a good spot; let's see if we can spawn it here" - and it does, and there are no mobs nearby.

          Such planning is simply beyond me; in every level above, say, 120, my concentration has to be completely on survival, and the end bosses spawn suddenly/unexpectedly somewhere, more often than not with dozens of minions nearby.


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            It's easier to plan the appearance of the boss depending on the class that you use. With warrior, you can tank a lot of hits, so running around to actively avoid attacks is less of a concern. Once I've gathered the remaining mobs towards the end of my TL run, my gestures are pretty much on autopilot. This gives me the chance to shift my attention towards a suitable spawning area for the boss.

            It's only really critical for Garm, at least in my opinion. Magroth is so predictable that you can run rings around him with just a bit of practice. Only small movements are needed to avoid his attacks.

            Kara is also pretty easy. Just move away from the spot her swords are pointed at. With Elban, you need enough room to run clear of his attacks. My main issue with him is that he often executes his killing abilities when my ToS procs, so I have to try and get one clean hit in before I scoot.

            TBD and Garm are tough, but mostly timing. You can beat them even without much room to maneuver if you get used to their attack patterns and learn when to move away and rush in again to attack.