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HELP - Farming the resources for L77 gear.

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    HELP - Farming the resources for L77 gear.

    I am too dense to really understand the undertone of the conversations about exploits or alternative ways to get stuff, yet I have been wondering how someone crafts a gear set of all L75+ during an ANB (outside of spending several hundred dollars). Much of this gear is even enhanced.

    I have 7 CT sitting in my bank because I have yet to craft anything to use them on. I have crafted "3" 77 items across six toons since December. One of them was not supposed to happen using Pythria and was salvaged as worthless (so much for that tool and My luck).

    I do not yet have enough Spirits to craft even a single Enhancement including regular play and 3 ANBs. This is completely due to running out of resources. I am able to do 43/47story runs in <30 seconds, reach TL110 in Gold, etc. So not a complete noob. I have been running BH or Mage on PC and Tablet.

    What am I doing wrong? How do you get 8000 greater essences during an ANB?

    Is this table reasonably close?
    Essences Needed
    ANB Regular
    Armor Slots 13 11 13
    Crafts to achieve lvl 75 avg 16 208 16 176 16 208
    MoT 3 624 3 624 15 3120
    Ench Leather 10 2080 10 2080 51 10608
    Greater Essence Fire 7 1456 7 1232 36 7488
    Greater Essence Shadow 7 1456 7 1232 36 7488
    Greater Essence Air 7 1456 7 1232 36 7488
    Greater Essence Air 7 1456 7 1232 36 7488
    Total Needed 5824 4928 29952
    Half from Water and Earth 8736 7392 44928
    p.s. enjoying the game, just looking for a bit of validation that my slogging it out is directionally correct.
    Thx for your input and help.

    Story levels 43 and 47 are mostly meaningless for ANB events unless you want to push through to those levels and farm for gold.

    The place for farming crafting materials and gemstones is high-level trials with the story levels not even coming close.

    There is a popular bag theory right now that says when you make 64 crafts you will get roughly:

    1 - 71
    32 - 72
    16 - 73
    8 - 74
    4 - 75
    2 - 76
    1 - 77

    level items. So, in 64 crafts you will not get just 4 level 75 items but four level 75, two level 76 and one level 77 items for a total of seven 75+ items.

    Take everything that I am saying with a grain of salt as I am far from an expert on crafting but there are multiple threads here in the Forum and lots of discussion on Discord about how to craft high-level gear.

    Pythia is a predictor developed by some players but does not ensure what your next craft will be. Are you using Pythia as directed? Are you tracking all your level 71+ legendary set or unique items?

    To directly address how to get the resources to craft level 77 gear alone with level 75+ pieces and fill out the available enchantments?

    During ANBs?

    Run 200+ trial levels that are trial level 90+ with a preference toward TL 105 or TL 110.

    Being able to clear TL 110 during ANBs is not related at all to being able to farm the resources necessary for crafting hundreds of gear pieces. A player can clear TL 110 after running only twenty-five trials without too much difficulty with the right gear configuration and talent. The process is even easier if you buy one Legendary Crafter's crate.

    ANB success, whether it is measured by maximum trial levels or taking home those magical two high-level pieces, all depends upon running lots and lots of higher trials.

    The 1:30 rule for trials after you have reached hero level 70 leads to maximizing your Champion Levels and your available resources. When you run enough trials to reach CL 1800+? You have a fair amount of resources to use for crafting.

    Just out of curiosity, how many CLs do you tend to finish your ANB with?

    So, read up on the threads or discussions about crafting. Maximize your experience farming. The game is all about the grind.

    Sorry, I know what I have written is kind of scatterbrained but I am multitasking but wanted to give you some feedback.


    • ricklhall
      ricklhall commented
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      So far I finish around CL1000 in Gold.
      I am not able to run TL105 anywhere near 1:30. Much longer atm with CL800ish.
      I need to focus on how to achieve a much faster run if I can.
      My network ping time seems to be a limiting factor along with my skill. Yeah rural America

      I was estimating 1 in16 and it should be 1 in 9 crafts.
      This would mean ~5000 needed.
      I seem to get about 8 Greater per TL105 run so this would mean about 500 runs.

      Thank you for your input. I find your posts throughout the forums most helpful.
      I will keep grinding.

    • ricklhall
      ricklhall commented
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      Thanks again for your input. I focused much more on resource farming and was able to get one 77. If it were not for bad luck I would have no luck at all.
      It took me 53 crafts, lol.

      I also have seen several things where a small change can improve outcomes.