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CR or CD - that is the question. ;-) [ELR Mage]

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    CR or CD - that is the question. ;-) [ELR Mage]


    in this ANB I tried something (for me) new: I crafted XP (Lily) and Push (Crit) equipment concurrently, hoping that I could get both 77s for Push.

    Unfortunately, my success rate was only 50%.

    My question now:
    my Push character currently has CR 2769/48.0%, CD 1712.9%.

    The CT'd 77 from XP farming will replace a Crit Build 73.

    Reforging "Experience", which will be more important - CR or CD?

    Kind Regards,

    You kind of did this in the wrong order (i believe)

    If You already CT'd the item - then you aren't going to get the *near perfect stat* which CT'ing an item gives (so you are going to end up with a random stat figure rather than the near perfect stat - I am pretty sure I am correct on this - but happy to be corrected by anyone)

    Also - reforging for a specific stat can get really expensive.


    • Tin Man
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      A Celestial item will reset all the stats to near max after you do a reforge and restart or this is how it used to work the last that I knew.

    Effective Critical Build ELR push gear has CD on everything AND CR on everything or pretty much everything. Just take a look at the mage leaderboard leaders.

    Fire Lily build ELR can effectively farm experience using only Epic gear. So, you can build your XP farming gear in preparation to reforge the XP Lily gear to pushing Critical gear but why? That would mean crafting all your XP gear pieces with otherwise meaningless CD on every piece or something like that. That a Fire Lily build ELR can effectively farm XP using only Epics is a big reason why it is so nice to farm XP and gold simultaneously since you can slap EG on everything.

    Besides reforging being expensive?

    A talented player can clear ANB Top 10 with a Fire Lily ELR mage.

    A decent player can clear ANB Top 50 with a Fire Lily ELR mage.

    A sucky player can clear ANB Top 100 with a Fire Lily ELR mage.

    A decent player can clear ANB Top 100 with a Fire Lily ELR XP mage.

    Reforging away your XP on a Lily build ELR mage to a useful push stat like Vitality, Armor, Life on Hit, Dodge Rating or just about most stats is practical. Reforging Lily XP gear to Critical push gear is a very foolish choice.

    Craft new critical push gear or push with Lily are the best options.

    I, as a very sucky player, expect that others will have much better advice.
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    Have fun.


    • Kristoff
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      I guess that I must be a very, very sucky player when it comes to mage.

      This past ANB, I had a horrible time farming with lily-build XP XG epic ELR gear. I stuck to TL 86 or lower, and my best clear times even for those were well over 90 seconds.

      Killing bosses with one or two shots of the frost beam-frost nova combo was pretty cool, though, whenever I could get it to work.

    • Tin Man
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      Kristoff Epic Lily ELR XP/EG gear? Are you a masochist? You can get away with Epic XP or EG gear but not both. I just run Legendary Lily XP/EG gear without EG on my jewelry and it works out fine. I actually end up with way more gold than I need. Epic XP is a good temporary stopgap as you gather the resources to craft Legendary. Legendary trinkets are a non-negotiable just as with weapons.

      You are really making me interested in your gear stats.

      Taking out the boss with a single beam/Thermal Shock combo is usually good for TL 95 or less with sufficient CLs. For sucky players, the CLs are the limiting for moving up trials for farming along with reasonable gear.

    • Kristoff
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      Tin Man I'm used to farming ANBs with lily warrior and epic gear with XP XG AR on everything, so I thought that I could just do the same with mage. Turns out that was not the case.

      Anyway, I did manage to farm around 1400 CLs and grab both celestials using up three to four hours of event time, so I think that was okay given that I haven't ANB'd with a mage in years.

      If I decide to use mage again, I'll know better next time thanks to you and bojck .

      And yes, I can be a bit of a masochist depending on the activity and whether or not I'm receiving some sort of benefit from it.

    Originally posted by Tin Man View Post
    I, as a very sucky player, ....
    If YOU are a "very sucky player", I shudder to think what that makes me.
    On Thursday I was notified that, in the latest ANB Bronze, I reached the dizzying heights of Rank 114 (one of the highest ever).
    I am so fumble fingered on my mobile, that even with my Main Account's XP farmer, I rarely clear Trial 105 in less than 90 seconds, and the highest Trial Level I ever cleared inside the 10 minutes, is TL136.

    So, the way forward for me will be:
    -Reforge the CT'd XP item to CD,
    -in the next ANB...
    --try to do XP farming with an Epic Lily build (with a Legendary Lily),
    --if this works, otherwise only craft Legendary Crit build items,
    --and - this came up just last night - delay applying the CTs until the actual beginning of the Push phase (frustratingly, I crafted a THIRD 77, which would have been more useful on my Main Account.)
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    • Teebs
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      You might try a 6 Fury XP farmer.

      When they gave away the 200 Glory with the Steam release - I snagged that and opened up a 6 Fury Warrior. It is kind of shocking to go from farming with a Mage to farming with a 6 Fury Warrior

    tbh pushing with a crit build in anb on mobile as a beam mage will likely yield worse results than pushing with lily. It's a good practice for main though, where with all the CTs and high-level items crit is the clear winner. That said, Stormcaller can push higher so you can also consider it (Kinnu posted an SCR video guide on youtube -

    Regarding farming, personally I wouldn't farm with epic gear for hours. If I get a high-level epic, e.g. boots with high ms, I might keep them, but in general using legendaries pays off. With Pythia after you do 1-2 dozen crafts you pretty much know what's coming next, so you can choose which crafts to go for your xp build and which for push. Btw I almost always use the same staff for farming and push - it doesn't matter if it has push or xp stats tbh: one item without xp is not an issue for farming, and an item without cd is perfectly fine for push. Most of the damage is done with ToS on, so cd is effectively much higher than the sheet cd. In a crit build I'd suggest to beam twice every 30 seconds - one time with ToS on and once without. Check some of my latest videos to see how not to miss any ToS procs, both for beam and thermal shock : )

    Farming with crit beam/dfa is also an option - it both works well but is harder to pull off, and there is no room for eg. DFA is crazy good if you have a full legendary xp set with a 77/76 high damage staff enchanted with slayer. It's just as good on mobile because you can vortex while in the air. If you use ToS and slayer procs well, trial 100 can take less than 40 sec, which is nearly impossible with beam.
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      Now here s some great things to try out.....cheers for sharing.....Crit DFA....never thought of that...

      Just finished a personal best Silver small summary if anyone interested:

      1 LegCrate + 2 event offers(xp booster & essence crate)
      HL70 @ 18:xx m Pink DfA with some xg for about 30 minutes
      then Legendary Lily xp with one homecrafted xp ring ,
      just crafted the whole set and almost did not recraft any xp gear, but immediately focused on crafting CRIT Push set all the way
      to the end
      crafted 2 Push jewelry, and used the 2 boxes for xp, kept 1 for push
      made a quick gold gear set but crafted all xg jewelry legendary

      then finished crit push gear with enchant enchantments/sockets & 2 reforges only
      and about 2.5 h pure pushing spread over 3 days

      the crit gives a smoother ride than lily with less failures and even had a last jump from 132 to 134
      had a very hard time with KeepG 139, watched a video ,
      prlracticed and just made it the next day....hooray

      then only had 0:20 h left for Kara - instant death even just her fireballs.....
      ...and no armor gemstones as an option because of jewelry crafting....

      ​​​​​​​All in all quite happy. To sum it up.... my best two performances ever
      (139 & 137 or 138 months before ) in silver were both done with Crit push on tablet
      and I think with Lily my best was 136, even though I rarely used Leg crates.
      Wondering if Kara would have been a breeze with a Lily ? ?....hard thing is getting there in the first place..


      Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)


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        Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)


          ....just saw that there were only 39x mages instead of the usual 42x
          .... so under "normal" conditions, I would probably have landed #70-80

          oh well that's the nice thing about eternium, can spend years improving...

          P.S. Do beginners and veterans keep their red yellow green medals when they move up to Master ANB ?

          Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)


          • bojck
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            well things with Kara are complicated Of course more toughness from armor, vit or even dodge help, and more LoH. Dodging swords is a must, at some point a lot of the other attacks and maidens have to be dodged.

            It's important to time your beams and buffs with procs so you can consistently get rid of her maidens. E.g. you can wait for a few sec without attacking (autoattacks off) when you expect ToS/ToP to be up. Then before Kara's swords you can cast nova to get Northern wind up, and perhaps stop a maiden's buff. Then move away from the swords, cast immo on both Kara and the maiden, use vortex to bring them together if necessary, and beam. If you can do that consistently, maidens will vanish at 140 even with rather low damage.

            Also if too many maidens spawn, you can run away, vortex them and beam from long range.

          • Kristoff
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            This is why I tend to stay away from Kara while playing mage, but I guess she's unavoidable if you go high enough since you won't be able to unlock more than one TL at a time.

          • Bali_Lenni
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            chheers for support...

          P.P.S. Is mobile \ meyboard split still in the works.... or is it not going to happen ?

          #keyboard or pc
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