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bonus damage on trinkets BoM equivalency to gear levels

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    bonus damage on trinkets BoM equivalency to gear levels

    Made a screenshot months ago but lost it, I know the answer is in this forum but just can not find it anymore...

    What is the equivalent to 1 or 2 % of bonus damage (frost, fire , nature etc.) on trinkets etc. compared to gear lvl (75,76,77) ?

    I remember that for BoM 10% is about 1 lvl
    sorry for my daftness , cheers for help

    ...or which ToS is better (presuming the 76 gets a socket) ? hunch is the 75 is still better....!?
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2022-06-24-15-01-25-844_com.makingfun.mageandminions.jpg Views:	0 Size:	163.9 KB ID:	213029
    Click image for larger version  Name:	Screenshot_2022-06-24-15-01-07-348_com.makingfun.mageandminions.jpg Views:	0 Size:	161.2 KB ID:	213031
    Krit Schaden CD Krit Wert CR
    Kraft Power
    Frostschaden Frostdamage
    Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)

    The CR/CD damage stats are better on the Level 75, plus it already has a socket. Of course, the best way to find out is to test them at the same trial level to see whether the extra power or extra haste is more effective with the rest of your build. Not sure that you would notice much of a difference in the frost damage, since the values are so close. I am guessing that Beam Mage needs a good amount of frost damage, so you must have it on all of your trinkets.


      Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)


        When you are CL300, the +1.5% Frost Damage is easily overwhelmed by Haste and Power. When you are CL2000, will take a couple of hundred Haste or Power to match the +1.5% Frost Damage.

        The fundamental question is what gets you that +1.5% damage. A 1.5% increase in Haste, Power, Critical Rating or Critical Damage does not increase your damage 1.5% at higher CLs when you have lots of everything already.

        Everything depends upon all your stats combined. You can determine what percentage damage increase you get from the L75 ToS stats.


          Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_2022-06-26-09-31-22-199_com.makingfun.mageandminions.jpg
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          Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)


            Is this hiw to check, at least roughly ?
            ​​​​​Without gems, a -1,9% dmg is indicated. Meaning roughly I would lose 0,4% because nearly all damage comes from the ,chilly ,frost beam. Therefore keep the 75.
            Is this roughly correct/ the way to decide which to keep ?

            cheers for having taken the time
            Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)


              P.S. I think in this specific case, the two might actually be very similar, I would just like to have a method in general how to compare trinkets\Frostfiresash for push/ higher trials....
              (I remember bojck answering this in a post on the same topic _ but just can not find it anymore)​​​​​​
              Backyard FireLily (gloriosa superba)


                You are barking up the right tree.

                I am curious what your Haste is along with your hits per second. Are showing around 5.5 hits per second with your L75 equipped?

                That -1.9% is the tree that I was barking up. That value is the change in your damage rating shown. A beam mage that is fully loaded with Haste will not get much boost from +134 Haste but that fully loaded Haste is an important contributor to the Thermal Shock damage from the Frostfire Sash stacks. Your Attack Speed directly impacts the number of stacks but your can still have too much Haste since Haste is not linear like Power.

                Keep in mind that I readily admit that I suck at this game.

                I would, however, say to try this for a fuller comparison. Make of your Damage Rating with your L75 equipped and no other changes. Next, swap out three of your Haste Brilliants for Power Brilliants along with equipping your L76 while noting the new Damage Rating.

                Your net change will be -16 Haste and -13 Power but +1.5% Frost Damage along with the -4.5% Critical Damage and -8 Critical Rating.

                If your Attack Speed shows the same? Then there is very little actual damage decrease for the stacks Thermal Shock.

                If you are fully loaded with Critical Damage, as you should be? Then the -4.5% Critical Damage will only be a decrease of Critical Damage overall of less than 0.4%. When your Talisman of Storms is active? Would be reduced by less than 0.125%. So, the -4.5% Critical Damage has a small impact

                If you are fully loaded with Critical Rating? The -8 Critical Rating should not make a huge difference.

                Your biggest swing is likely from the swapping of Haste for Power and you can minimize that swing by switching out your socketed gemstones.

                So, keep your Haste flat or even a smidge lower while favoring the small difference to Power. This means to set up so that your Haste goes -16 and your Power goes -13 and I suspect that your overall Damage Rating will decrease by less than 1.5%.

                I could easily be wrong here but that +1.5% Frost damage is a hard percentage increase on a value that is less than 100% sheet damage or 200% actual. Unlike that +4.5% Critical Damage which is +4.5% on top of an already existing 1600% or 4600% when the Talisman of Storms is active. See where I am going?

                Others know a whole lot better.

                Comparing the two pieces through actual usage or Training Grounds is the best way to get a feel but that is not really practical with ANB heroes.

                This is not simply a matter of just swapping the two pieces but rebalancing your hero as a whole when you are fully loaded with stats and higher CLs.

                Does all of this blabber help at all.

                The shorter answer might be:

                The higher your CLs go and the more of each stat you get from better gear makes that raw Frost Damage boost of +1.5% harder to beat but it can still be beaten depending upon your overall stats everywhere else.

                So, a sheet change of +1.5% Frost Damage is an actual change of something less than 0.8% for damage caused by frost since that is +1.5% on top of an existing something south of 180%.

                Do all the other changes cause your damage by frost to go up by something more than 0.8% actual.


                • Gargos
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                  I just drank some wine. I wish I understood this. I have a vague idea, but glory be, the whole ability rating balancing act is like Blondini swinging across Niagra Falls in the 19th C. Sheesh. Fortunately I'm mostly playing the relatively simple 'big hit, hurt 'em' warrior...

                • Bali_Lenni
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                  Haha will take some time to figure this one out in detail. Nevertheless the short version info is very helpful. Being a non-math -IT or similar versed player - I did notice a similar thing these last couple of days playing season ranking...

         seems a good idea to play around with the gemstones and maybe even Hast/Vit -passives, changing these around and experementing "seems (in capital letters as I know nothin' about, just a feeling) to give you more or less beatable mobs bosses". Inreally started some serious experimenting when getting stuck at Kara 145, it was the only way to pass...that my case put nearly everything possible on toughness.

                  Then playing around with toughness versus dammage @146,147&148.... it "seemed" to help finding the perfect mix.
                  My suspicion since then is, that if you put too much on dammage - the game has an inbuilt something that will toughen up the mobs too much ≈ ergo even with an "easy" map, it just takes too long to smighten the mobs, no boss time left....
                  Then you get the sweet spot, the right mix, and might still need a lucky map.
                  And if one really exaggerates on toughness, one runs out of time as well.

                  Of course I am aware there are many elements: map shape, number of elites in rounded groups and total, playing style, dying too often etc...

                  But I still have this new suspicjon, that the game adjusts to the toughnes/damage relation chosen....
                  Second some stage the game just will not let you pass and always act in your disfavour , at least on some days.....the number of times the signs fail to recognize, or you always get runkilled by a big dashHunk always when the crit-proc is on, etc.....

                  Maybe I am completely imagining things ?

                  Any thoughts on that ?

                  Anyway cheers for the superdetailed info...