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    Crafting query …

    Just curious, does anyone know if a level 70/71 item creates the same amount of crafting materials as a level 76/77 item, or would the higher item craft more materials ?
    assume all items are legendary ……
    I am maxed out on my crafting level …

    an expert will know the answer...just noticed from experience that salvaged 77s often render quite poor results as to what one would expect...
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      First off, expert? ... Hardly (LOL).

      An item's STATS determine the quality (and quantity) of materials salvaged. The higher the better, of course. Theoretically, a Leg item should yield better than, say, a Rare. But sometimes the stats may be crappy for a Leg, so the salvage may appear poor.
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        An additional thing to think about though is that they all cost the same to create ….. it’s random as whether it level 71 or 77 …

        so if they all cost the same to create, do they all create the same amount of materials when salvaged ?


        • WarriorSeven
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          There's a LOT of randomness/unpredictability on what materials are actually salvaged. This has been analyzed by others, especially on Discord. So the simple answer is, no.

          The bottom line is, to salvage the best materials, shoot for trial levels 120 and higher where you're guaranteed 3 Legendary items with good stats.