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Auto-attacks mechanics on mobile (primary vs. secondary attack)

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    Auto-attacks mechanics on mobile (primary vs. secondary attack)

    Basic question from a Mobile only player starting to play again after 2 years, playing BH Assault build, with Lethal Shot as Primary attack and Scatter Shot as Secondary: when a BH auto-attacks when in range of a mob (agro), do they use their primary attack automatically, or do I need to one-tap to use it (and otherwise the BH uses some 'basic' attack)?
    Also, what's a good way to engage the secondary attack without risking Carpel tunnel syndrome?
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    Welcome back!

    When an auto-attack is proc'd (one example in Trials, simply approach a mob without first directly engaging, then just back away a bit to agro it), your Primary Attack will proc. However, you must use the 2-tap finger method (make a "V" with index/pointer and middle finger and tap at same time) to use your Secondary Attack; not generally a Carpel Tunnel issue, unless you have some problem with your hand.

    Also, and as far as I know, there is one piece of gear you can use to auto-attack the Secondary, which is the Versatile Belt, which procs after 5 Primary Attacks, and may be somthing that would interest you in your style of play.

    Finally, IMHO, you may want to invest in upgrading your build to something more than Assault gear (research the Leaderboards) to improve gameplay, obtaining materials gold and experience, competition/medals, etc., at least over time, like a Havoc, Demolitionist, or Hybrid. But, then again, to each his/her own, and certainly play whatever you get the most enjoyment and satisfaction from.
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    • Wulfric
      Wulfric commented
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      Charm of Qol trinket should also do the job shouldn't it?

    • WarriorSeven
      WarriorSeven commented
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      Yes, Wulfric, CoQ is definitely another item! Thank you!

    • donoharmyo
      donoharmyo commented
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      Thanks WarriorSeven Wulfric for the comments, and the welcome-back. Just finished my first ANB gold in a while and got my celestial, but saw a lot of discussion on demolitionist / 4-2 builds that I'll grok through during the season.