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    Hero dying

    Hi, what is the effect/consequence if my hero dies? I can see, sometimes esp. bosses get back their health points. But is there any impact on my hero?

    No additional consequences, really, other than the health point gains for the boss you mentioned.


    There haven't been any blind studies performed on the long-term effects for all the repeated resurrections. All we know at this juncture are anecdotal reports by some toons that the interdimensional phase transitions from life to death to life again manifests itself in temporary dizziness and disorientation, on occasion. Immediate avoidance from the conflict allows quick recovery from these spells, but any long term or chronic ill-effects have never been studied, unfortunately.

    ​​​​​​​Perhaps it is time we give this potentially dangerous hero health issue its due by giving this a much closer look by the REAL experts in the developing field of RPG Toon Psychodynamics. It is time, in my humble opinion, that we STOP treating this effect as some "part of the game" phenomenon and, instead, not only examine it's root causes and effects, but also explore possible treatments so the toon can live out it's life in some capacity of normalcy.
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      1-2-3-x gems per resurrection => heroes will die much less frequently from that point onward.

    Thanxs so far...
    In the light of the General Theorie of relativity it might also have a quite positiv effect to die...


      In the old days, there was a time penalty for dying during a trial. Not sure I would want to go back to that. It would be nice if the leaderboards added an asterisk or other symbol for a clean trial with no deaths, but I doubt that you would see any clean trials at the top of the leaderboard. It is so easy to get one-shot at higher trial levels that deaths are inevitable. Now days, double digit deaths are common at higher trials; it is just something you learn to live with...


        Originally posted by Ozymandius View Post
        ... double digit deaths are common at higher trials; it is just something you learn to live with...
        That's just ironic!


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          LOL, I didn't see the irony until you pointed it out. I am still laughing with tears....

        I always thought mobs also get some health back ?? true\not true ?
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