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max. XP ring fusion vs ANB 'legendary ring boxes'

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    max. XP ring fusion vs ANB 'legendary ring boxes'


    during levelling up in the ANBs you are getting these legendary jewelry boxes (not sure how the are called correctly, 2 for rings, 1 for necklace...). When having an XP stat when making the jewelry with these boxes, it gets a 112.5% stat value.

    When crafting perfect legendary jewelry using the famous spreadsheet I end up with 90.9% max stat for XP.

    Any idea how to replicate this stat outside of ANB?

    You can not match the stats of the ANB Custom Ephemeral Jewelry boxes with a Legendary 4-stats jewelry piece when it comes to XP or CD. The XP and CD values for those boxes are unnaturally high.

    You can craft XP jewelry that is 129+% but that requires pure Legendary jewelry.

    You can get higher than 90.9% but that requires stealing from the other stats by having XP on more than one Epic. You can get 99+% but I do not find it worth it because the other stats.

    I run with pure XP Legendary jewelry because I adjusted the rest of my gear to compensate for the dedicated jewelry. Is easy to get away with when running a mage or warrior since both classes can very successfully farm XP with only Epic gear.


      If you're looking to do something with all those freakin' "Custom Rare Jewelry" boxes you accumulate during ANBs, now is the time. Those Custom Rares start out as "near perfect" out of the gate, so you'll only need 9 total to craft 1 perfect Legendary, to wit:

      3 Custom Rares -> 1 Epic )
      3 Custom Rares -> 1 Epic ) = 3 Epics -> 1 Legendary
      3 Custom Rares -> 1 Epic )

      I recently created 2 rings and 1 necklace -- XP only -- for my new warrior and ended with 133% rating for each.

      Just remember NOT to put any gemstones on any of the rings or necklaces during any of the conversions above (it will add a different stat and dilute your single rating); only apply gemstones AFTER you generate your Legendary.
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        (or use 8 customs + 3 jewelries <stat3&4mix>
        for near perfect 4stat Legendary ...see guide for details

        In ANB it really depends where your focus lies, mainly farming and bringing home 77s or going for a big push (ToS or Firelily)

        E.g. pushing with Lily, you may want to make own push jewelry, 1or2or3 jewelries, (power 301) and use the ephemerals for that and still have great xp&gold 112,5% from the LegJewBox(es)....
        ...pushing with ToS one is keen on the 150% cd from the LegJewBoxes and rather make own xp&xg with the ephemerals...​
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          ahh, understood. Thanks for the help.

          I'll try out WarriorSeven's XP only jewelry, let's see how that works.