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New (to 70); checking my daily routine ... what am I missing?

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    New (to 70); checking my daily routine ... what am I missing?

    Thanks to the advice here and on Discord. I've been able to get my warrior to lvl70, Fury Set 71-72, CL 700, ML 50, TL 100 (slow run). I've settled into a daily routine: (Missed out on ANB)
    Do 5 dailies
    Do 12 PvP matches
    Advance 5-15 Trials
    Advance Story
    1-2 EXP 200% boosts at Trials
    200% Gold Boost as necessary
    Craft as mats become available
    Advance all Abilities to Lvl 10​

    Just a few questions if you're a new player and then a few comments:

    -- Did you buy ALL the recipes (with gold only) from Liana?

    -- Do you have your crafting Mastery Level maxed out to 50? No sense in doing ANY crafting until you do. Speaking of which, especially for newer players, it really makes no sense crafting gear or weapons until ANB comes around. The crafting costs during non-ANB times are nearly 10 times more expensive otherwise. Simply look for gear drops during your Story or Trial runs that are "better" than what you have on your main hero or what you have in inventory. Higher level trials offer better and better quality gear than Story, the best place to acquire gear before crafting anything in ANB. And for gear you don't or will never use, just salvage it to extract their essences.

    There's really no need to run Experience or Gold boosters unless you have gear for your hero for the express purpose of Experience or Gold farming. It's a big waste of these resources until you such gear develped for farming in Story (best for gaining Gold in IV Darkhold Citadel) or in Trials (best for Experience at the higher levels), away from ANB. Until then, just accumulate these boosters in inventory and continue to 5-Star Story or run Trials to accumulate gems before the next ANB.

    Running PvP matches provides little benefit toward hero development. But if you have fun playing there, it's good practice otherwise. Some experience and glory may be obtained in Arena, but IMHO, you're best using your time to 5-Star Story or run Trials to accumulate gold and gear. Also, Arena is VERY buggy, and does not always gameplay well (so don't get too frustrated because of these issues).

    If you're leveling up your hero to Level 10 (a good goal), just let time and your initial gold investment be the only way to increase each ability to the next level -- i.e., do NOT spend gems to upgrade abilities, since gems are the most valuable resource in the game that also carries over to ANB for use there.

    Finally, consider spending a little money (to help yourself out as well as to support the game developers) and:
    -- Buy the 100 gems/day for 30 days (a good deal);
    -- Buy the "2nd Stash Space" which does carry over to every future ANB, so you will not have to buy any more stash space in ANB (most, including me, consider this a better deal than the 100 gems/day above, if not THE BEST deal in this game); and,
    -- It's early enough in the cycle, but consider the benefits in buying the Season Pass (currently titled "Season -- Late Summer 2023"), which unlocks all kinds of Rewards -- especially useful for a new player -- in the top tier of the progression. Just remember to "manually" claim these rewards by clicking on each as they are available since they are not automatically distributed (and they will arrive in your Hometown mail box to use). Of course, you can potentially get the Seasonal Bank max of 10,000 gems and 10,000,000 gold, which are awarded AFTER Season is over, depending on how well you farm Story and Trials to match these levels.

    Just a few suggestions.
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      Thanks WarriorSeven for all this info. I may have answered a few questions in my OP. And I have all the perks in your last paragraph " ... spending a little money ..." I'm going to take seriously all your suggestions. One follow-up about ANB, and for me, that opportunity for ANB has passed: My understanding is that I can bring 2 crafted items into the 'main game' after the event by using Celestials. My ANB character inherits my recipes (and I do have all the Fury Set recipes, Whirlwind Axe and Cleaver) but he has to earn all the mats on his own? I'm only missing decent rings and necklaces now. I hope we can continue this dialogue, it's very much appreciated.


      • WarriorSeven
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        Editing a comment
        "My understanding is that I can bring 2 crafted items into the 'main game' after the event by using Celestials."

        Correct. It's the ONLY way to bring crafted items back to your Main from ANB. Of course, any good gear drops you save during Story or Trial farming will be brought back (they are not considered Ephemeral), so any drop that you need (or may need in the future!) or has high value should be saved in your inventory for transfer to your Main account after the ANB event. For example, many new players simply save ALL Legendary drops and decide to keep them (or not) at a later time.

        Try to get your 2 targeted items to be the "best as practical" before they come over from ANB; that is, you should try Celestializing at least one L77 item with "ideal" stats for use on your Main Hero (it's rather difficult to get two L77 items during ANB without having lots of gold and essences for crafts beyond 64 -- but certainly not impossible if you're willing to spend the additional gems on the special resource/crafting crates sold by Ruby in Hometown). And while in ANB, remember to add a gem socket on your items before you apply the Celestials, which is otherwise more costly.

        "My ANB character inherits my recipes (and I do have all the Fury Set recipes, Whirlwind Axe and Cleaver) but he has to earn all the mats on his own? I'm only missing decent rings and necklaces now."

        Recipes are globally shared. With that in mind, if you do need any more/other recipes (certain belts and bracers come to mind), buy them all while playing in your Main account and not during ANB to save on valuable gold needed during ANB.

        Crafting rings and necklaces is another one of those important things to learn about as well, and all the materials need to be earned by your ANB hero in order to craft them while in the ANB event. Crafted rings and necklaces do NOT transfer from ANB to your Main since they are all Ephemeral (i.e., NO items tagged "Ephemeral" in the gear/item description are brought back from ANB to your main account). Be on the lookout out for those valuable 2-ring and 1-necklace rewards (ANB Trial Levels 40, 55, and 70) to save on some crafting.

        You can, of course, craft all kinds of rings and necklaces with all kinds of stats for use while in your Main account to use on any Main account hero(s). There are all kinds of guides here on this forum that can take you through this fairly involved process.
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      Finally, I think I understand everything --- LOL. You've answered all my questions; I await the next ANB to work on all this. Thanks!!!