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Why only certain crafting recipes can be unlocked with glory

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    Why only certain crafting recipes can be unlocked with glory

    So can someone clarify why it is that some crafting recipes can be unlocked using glory but some do not allow you to unlock with glory? I noticed this is the case in both the ANB as well as the main character.

    The ones that won't allow me to unlock say "Recipe locked. Learn it from the vendor to unlock it" and does not show the amount of glory needed to unlock it.

    I was thinking at first that it would be because I did not have enough glory for that particular recipe. But then first I was pretty sure at some point a particular recipe showed the glory needed and that I did not have enough glory shown next to the requirement. More importantly, I find it difficult to believe that something like demolitionist tunic (which only costs 20 glory) but a scout's hood costs more than the 105 glory I have remaining? Since the ones that won't unlock do not show amount of glory needed, I am not sure.

    For example, I can unlock any demolitionist armor using relatively cheap glory, but none of the other sets allow me to unlock using glory. I have unlocked at least one recipe in every set just through purchasing from the Recipe Trader, so that is not the problem either.

    I can unlock some trinkets, all the belts, some of the capes, etc using glory. No method to the madness that I can find.

    You're looking in the wrong place... all those other recipes can't be bought with glory, even if you had a million. You really need to buy them all from the vendor, who is at the 8 o'clock spot in the town square. Buying one from a set doesn't make the rest of it available for Glory.
    She has one deal of the day available at 50,000 gold and 8 other which you can buy for 250 gems. The best way is to buy the recipe available for gold every day. Even if it is for classes you don't play! After 3 months you will get all recipes this way.If you just cherry pick bounty hunter recipes it will take a lot longer as the last ones will hardly ever show up among all the remaining warrior/mage recipes in the pool.
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      The reason is timing of implementation:

      1. Initial release of Crafting allowed players to buy Recipes from Liana to craft the set items that were available at the time. This was a MAJOR improvement, players can now finally collect/salvage materials and craft exactly what they wanted, rather than continuous farming and hoping/wishing/praying for the right item WITH the right stats to drop.

      There were no trinkets, belts or bracers at this point in time, and neither were the Glory sets introduced yet.

      2. Second round of crafting upgrade added Glory, and the new items - these were then Glory-locked. Kinda make sense for Trinkets, bracer & belts - but was a bit confusing for the new armour sets that were added... But it is what it is...

      So, now, we have 2 things that players need to do to unlock all the required crafting:
      1. Buy the recipes from Liana - if you're not in a rush, just buy whatever is available for Gold, then wait for refresh and repeat. If you have spare Gems, then can buy specific ones that appear that you want to complete your preferred set. Note that the current 2 Legacy recipes are only available for 500 Gems.
      2. Collect Glory and unlock at Ingrid.
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        Welp I don't think I would have ever figured that out about implementation one on my own ha...

        Yeah as far as getting the recipes normally from Liana, slowly picking through them, but getting some needed recipes using glory for use during the ANB seemed like a good strategic move.