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Jewelry! Math and Application to apply to rings!

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  • Jewelry! Math and Application to apply to rings!

    Not yet at lv 70 just want a quick how to apply jewels and do i need more jewels? Thanks in advance. Happy New Year.

    At lv 60 bh, lv 40 w, lv 40 M...

    what exactly are imperfect rings? Why are we dumping so many rings?

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    There are plenty of good guides in the guide section, please have a look there. I wouldn't bother with jewelcrafting till you are lvl 70.


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      Three ways a ring can be "imperfect" - it refers to the quality of the output. The more perfect, the higher the stats

      1. The stats arent perfect (90,etc)
      2. When you socket gemstones, you use less than brilliant
      3. Bad forging (don't use three of the same kind)

      you can level so fast now you can probably dont NEED to do it until 70,but one set where your at is fine.

      Do NOT use gemstones until you know what you're doing.
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        Thanks for the replies getting close.. Trying to get the bigger picture of gem stones. Trying follow the guide on leveling all magic to max level.


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