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How to make Custom Legendaries & Celestials?

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  • How to make Custom Legendaries & Celestials?

    Thinking about the Custom Legendary and Celestial item boxes from the ANB events, I was wondering how to best use them to make XP and DPS equipment. Both of these make Legendary items with 4 "perfect" stats, but the Celestial adds a true perfect 90 Vitality and binds it to a single character.

    A Celestial item is a 5-stat item, that works best for a DPS character - the +90 Vit is like pre-socketing a Brilliant *and* a Trillion on the item.

    OTOH, Custom Legendaries are probably best for XP characters - after max XP, you only have 3 stats left, so those stats need to be good if you want to grind Trials most effectively. For DPS, it's not too difficult to get 4 good stats out of AR, CD, CR, Haste, Power & Vit. OTOH, it's harder to get 3 good stats when the 4th *must* be XP.

    * use Celestials for DPS set
    * use custom Legendaries for XP set