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Living weapon not showing up for me.

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  • Living weapon not showing up for me.

    Hi, i love this game. I bought the storm gun for my Bounty Hunter and reached level 22 I then made a mage for second character and also bought the Stormblade for him. Leveled him to 10 or so and decided to try out the Warrior and buy his weapon. Well he is now level 10 and still have not got the weapon purchase thing to pop up. i really wanted each of them to have one but the warrior one is not showing up for some reason. Also they are not in the store. Any help with this would be cool. thanks

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    The Mage and Warrior shares the Stormblade - so you only get it once per account, via the special promotion. There were 2 times when they were available for purchase again, as part of a mini-event, so it might happen again in the future, don't know when though...

    You can pass the weapon over using the Shared stash.
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      What Nhat said, basically. The new player offers have only ever had the storm blade and storm gun as an option. The warrior and mage can both use the sword, so it is meant to be shared and passed back and forth. The weapon will match the level of whichever character has it at the time, it won't "lock" at a higher level after leveling up on your mage.

      Edit: it can be blocked from use if you have it socketed with a gemstone that requires a higher level than your other character, but that is a quick fix. Just unsocket the gemstone for a little gold and you'll be able to use it again.

      There is a living mace too, but that has only been on sale a couple times in the special events, not as an offer for new players.
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