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Windows app closes after switching away

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  • Windows app closes after switching away

    I'm playing on Windows 10, and almost every time I switch away from the app it spontaneously closes. This is really frustrating -- e.g., I'll quickly look up a tip here on the forum, and when I try to go back the app has disappeared. Even on the occasions when it stays open, it often seems to have to reload, as if I closed and reloaded the game.

    My machine has 16 GB of RAM, so memory shouldn't be critically low or anything. Is there anything I can do to stop this?

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    Dont play fullscreen, ez solution.

    Edit: also don't minimize the game, just bring up your browser.
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      Originally posted by Purple Potato View Post
      Dont play fullscreen, ez solution.
      Thanks, it hadn't occurred to me that fullscreen mode would be a problem. I found that I actually can play fullscreen, as long as I'm careful to exit fullscreen mode before I switch to another app. (I'm making gestures on a touchscreen, so it's nice to have all of the space available to improve precision.)

      I appreciate your help. Maybe someday the devs will fix this.


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        im normally playin by PC..concerning the gameplay setting...the resume auto attack after moving...should we turn it on or off? heros seems to how should i say...shake when running or behave in extra ordinary manner and sometimes running here and there where it should not

        or if not because of the resume auto attack it because of other issues?...should I uninstall and install back?

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