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Unable to update / download game. Error : Unable to download Content Archive

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  • Unable to update / download game. Error : Unable to download Content Archive


    I am getting this error everytime I start the game. I am unable to update to the latest version and unable to play the game.
    I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, with Android 8.0.0

    Screenshot :

    My internet is fine. I am able to access and do everything else normally (facebook / google / play other games / etc.)
    Only eternium is having this issue.

    I have tried :
    -restarting eternium,
    -restarting phone,
    -restarting mobile data internet,
    -connecting to Wi-Fi,
    -uninstalling / reinstall eternium,
    -clearing data / cache,
    -force stop eternium / restart eternium,

    The same problem still arises and I am unable to play the game.
    Please assist! Thank you.

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    Originally posted by ྿༻Travis༺྿ (Support Mgr.) View Post
    Problem: The game keeps telling me that I'm in offline mode, even though I'm connected to a network, I'm seeing an error saying something like "HTTP 400 / MFP 0", or I'm stuck on "synchronizing profile".
    Solution: Try connecting to a different WiFi network (on a different router) and letting the game complete the updates on the level loading screen before trying to play. If possible, use a friend's network or find a public place with free WiFi (like a coffee shop). Switching to a cellular network (by turning WiFi off) may also work. If all else fails, try the following:
    • Ensure the game is closed via your app manager.
    • Install SuperVPN (developed by SuperSoftTech).
    • Open SuperVPN and connect.
    • Launch Mage and Minions and load a level (which forces a server call).
    • Force close the game via your app manager.
    • Go back to SuperVPN and disconnect. You are welcome to remove SuperVPN at this point.
    • Launch the game and you should be able to play.