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    Eternium on PC

    I've been playing on android for a couple of years.
    Decided to play on Samsung laptop, Win 10.
    Windows Store says cannot find suitable device for installation.

    How do I overcome this problem?
    Can I get the game on Steam or Disc.

    Forgive my ignorance .... Im a 73yo big kid that likes the game but have little computer knowledge....

    Originally posted by mangojack View Post
    Windows Store says cannot find suitable device for installation.

    How do I overcome this problem?
    Make sure you have Windows Store installed on your PC... check in your programs list... if you don't have it installed then you have to install it first...

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      Eternium is only available through the Microsoft Store for now. Try clearing the app cache for the Store:
      Start>Settings>Apps>Search for "store">click the result>advanced>reset.


        Alternatively, you can download " Bluestacks ", to your PC/Laptop. Bluestacks allows you to play Android games on your computer. It is a free download. If you download Bluestacks, you will have to turn on " Virtualization ", on your computer. There will be a notification, on the header of the Bluestacks screen, which will lead you to step by step instructions, on how to enable Virtualization. I, too, am not very knowledgeable, when it comes to computers, but I had no problems, doing it this way.


          Right now, I play on my tablet, but would love to play the PC version.
          I don't use Windows on my PC (Linux).
          is there absolutely no way I can download the installation files in an attempt to run them using wine?
          In order to download these files from the window store I have to have a registered device.
          I love being locked in to stuff


            dunno where to share this i put it here..i dunno whether it helps or not..4me yes

            for those low end PC 25-30-35-40 FPS( high end i dunno)

            when facing mobs eternium video setting distance 150% assist a lot

            Its true..fps a bit lower when 150% (my Pc less than 30 FPS when usin 150%) nevertheless

            Recently i find it save time A LOT..mobs killed a bit faster...dunno why? maybe Fendy or anybody expert in Pc can answer

            when facing can decrease the distance 100-120%

            Thank You
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            Honest playin with Low end Pc
            Old Shield warrior: Trial 127 at 8:31 min
            New "Fire & DFA Mage": Trial 100 in 2:47min. Just for fun
            Havoc 6/6 BH: Trial 99 in 4:49 min. Step by step playin'.