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  • Gems disappeared

    I had around 1400 hundred gems when I went to sleep last night. I go to play today and there's 200 gems now. No trace of upgrades or things purchased with them. Anyone ever have this happen to them? I feel sick I'm so upset. =(

    Edit: somehow I see my third stash slot is now unlocked. No idea how it happened but it happened. No idea what the third would have cost and how that could accidentally happen.
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    3rd stash page is 400 Gems, Travis can probably check your Gems spending.

    Also, are you sure the game was saved before you closed it, and that no one else have access to your device and played the game in between? (Just in case)
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      Wow sounds like somebody purposely logged into your account and made some small rearrangement. If you put effort watching ads you can get another 1400 gems in 2-3 days(if not 1400 hundred, which is 140,000 gems, might take a while). And please change your account password. I too guess Travis can help you with that, you may be able to get your gems back.


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        Thank you. No one else plays it in my house. I play on a kindle and sometimes put my stylus on it when taking a break and have noticed my character walking. I have never seen any Windows pop up though. I'll pay closer attention now.


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          I think you have a kiddy wink or partner playing with your device !


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            No. Lol they know I'd freak and they have no interest. I think it was me on accident or something. I'm going to be more alert and aware. Won't play when too sleepy too. My God this game! Lol


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              Originally posted by DazednConfused View Post
              Won't play when too sleepy too.
              There's your problem
              It happens to me all the time, I have salvaged equipped items in Diablo 3, dropped items on the floor and the most hilarious one: I was caught shooting at the wall of a cave with all 3 team mates standing around me and laughing their a$$es off.
              I'm assuming that the Dev was wrong.