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Cant "downgrade" from beta

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  • Cant "downgrade" from beta

    Hello my friends,

    yesterday i read about the option to try the new major content patch as a beta through the playstore. To make sure that i will be able to play the live version again after testing, i read the play store "how to" carefully. It says, if i want to play the live version again, i just have to leave the "beta tester program" (which i did) and then deinstall and reinstall the game to get the live version back.

    I already did that 2 times but after the profile synchronisation it always says, that my profile is newer than the game version i have installed and cannot be synched. Now i cant do any progress for the upcoming ANB League etc.

    Any help would be appreciated.



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    Hi Dirndle

    I am not sure you can downgrade back to live, but this is not like some games where you get a separate beta profile that does not update live.

    What will happen here is that Android will run beta for a while and then the rest of the world will catch up. You will not lose any progress or gems or anything when live catches up with beta. What you cannot do now is play cross platform so from pc to mobile, but hey ho I suggest you relax and enjoy the beta do your daily quests, trials and story, watch your ads and test stuff and whatever - you wont lose anything. So keep going !

    Safe journeys out there



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      As mentioned in the fullscreen warning (that you agreed to) when you launched the game after updating, there is no going back once your Eternium profile has been updated.


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        Hello again,

        i can only remember the warning, that the game is maybe not playable on my Windows Device. But im not too sure about that, maybe i got something wrong. Thanks for the information