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Lost Celestial box from event hero

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  • Lost Celestial box from event hero

    I played the ANB Bronze League event a few months ago. I finished at a high trial level and received a Celestial box as a reward. I never opened it, and it stayed attached to a message in my mailbox for that character.

    I recently deleted that event character. All of the other items from the event character were transferred to my main hero. However, the Celestial box never made it over.

    Are items in the mailbox not sent to the main hero when the event character is deleted?

    That was obviously the main reason for playing the event, so it would be pretty bad if I just lost that Celestial box

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    Generally inbox items are removed after 4 weeks. You will see the time remaining on the email itself.


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      Keeping things in mailbox is never a good idea, and yes, all event rewards have a 4 weeks time limit - so, if you didn't collect it by then, they're gone...
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      Eternium Guides:(I'm no longer updating any of the above, feel free to use anything there and make updated versions, for them - if you wish)


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        Thanks for the reply guys... Yeah that was dumb of me, and not too great from the event design perspective either. I wish the event hero mailbox was visible from the main characters.
        Anyway, in this latest event that just finished, I made sure to pick up my celestial box from the mail. Tough way to learn a lesson