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  • Beta Version Not Available

    I was on the beta version and had to reinstall the app and it installed the non-beta version. Because me account had previously been used on 1.4.20, it won't let me login with 1.4.16, the most recently released Android version.

    Should I expect the beta version to get pushed to my phone soon or am I stuck until the version is pushed to non beta users?

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    As indicated in the warning you agreed to before updating, once you upgrade your profile to 1.4.20, you are stuck playing on your Android device until 1.4.20 is available on other platforms. Opt back into beta to get 1.4.20 if you want to play.


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      Is there a way to get Android 1.4.20? I have beta enabled again and there is no updates are available. I have auto-update checked as well.


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        This beta is only being offered to a small subset of players, but since you already had it installed once, there should be nothing preventing you from doing the same once more.

        How did you get the beta the first time? I suppose you had to be logged in to your Play Store account, and had the beta opt-in selected, and then depending on your chosen update policy it either auto-updated or was presented to you as an update option. You might try reproducing the same steps as before to hopefully get the client to update properly.


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          It sounds like you had opted in for beta, installed beta, upgraded profile to .20 (beta), uninstalled the app. opted OUT of beta, installed 0.16, didn't work, and now you opted in AGAIN for beta and it's not showing beta available. You kinda asked for trouble and got it.


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            I had a beta update for 1.4.21 pushed to the play store yesterday afternoon. That fixed my problem.


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              Originally posted by Murrogh View Post
              I had a beta update for 1.4.21 pushed to the play store yesterday afternoon. That fixed my problem.
              Stupid question here.

              It was pushed and automatically installed or it was pushed and you were able to select it to install?

              Is just a question we have been debating the answer to.

              UPDATE: The questions was answered here. Thank everyone.
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