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Crafting crash/pvp crash/ garm crash

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    Crafting crash/pvp crash/ garm crash

    This is another major issue Im having. I just crafted 100 mithril. Two sets of 50. Very costly. Yet, I was credited at making 50 mithril. The first set did not go... but the game did take the gold and materials required....
    And yes, still issues with PVP. Game kicked me out again, giving me a big loss... The error code was "MARMALADE V..." This error caused me to lose at least seven battles.
    Garm is fighting like a god, same as Karena's three minions. With Garm, he is immune to everything I use and he never misses with his poison attack even when i move my character off the battle screen. I have defeated him twice on LEGEND setting but since this SILVER event he has been unbeatable... My character is LVL70, with an average of Lvl 71 equip and weapons. Hero lvl of 560+ On top of Garm being invincible, he did come back to life full hp the one time i killed him since silver started... Same goes for karenas minions. I lost two or three sets of boosters in trying to defeat them.
    Other issues at hero lvl as well. dont understand why so hard to play during silver. Id rather fight elban than garm at this point....

    Depending on what the error messages say, the crashes you're seeing in the Arena are a known issue. I also get 1 or 2 reports per week of crashes during crafting, which the team is investigating.

    The stuff about Garm and Kara should be posted in the Players Helping Players section as it's not a tech support issue.


      You can attach pictures to your posts here, so it could be helpful to take a screenshot of the error next time it happens.

      For trouble with the levels, everyone here is very helpful. Like Travis said, post in Players Helping Players or the class-specific sections (Mages' Quarters, Warriors' Barracks, and Bounty Hunters' Armory). If you include information on your stats, equipment/build you are using, etc, you can get some good feedback.

      There are also a lot of helpful posts and tutorials.

      I have been able to skip Garm entirely in trials so far, but it sounds like you're talking about story mode? Are you making use of his blue circle? It has a healing aura--it should reset the poison spit debuff, among other things. If you haven't been using it, it will make life a lot easier.
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        oh yea, I know what a pentacle does. but I cast lightening, fire, ice, death from above, blink... nothing. then when there was a moment, after about 20 minutes i killed him, but his perfected venom cloud took me out as well... he then reincarnated at full health..I said Eff this and turned game off. I took screenshot of multiple IMMUNEs flashed on screen as I blasted him. not only that but some magic actually healed garm.. weird... yea, STORY MODE. I can kick his butt in TRIALS or off event.
        But i dod finally get him.. I tinkered with my skill slots.