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    Xpensive Crafting

    Crafting can be horrifyingly expensive. i want to create demolition pants, so far the cost is at a million gold for lvl 70legend and I am no where near being finished. Its taken me several months to get this point and is very frustrating. One can spend easily 5-10million gold in crafting one piece of armour or one weapon.
    Also, the skills and abilities take FIVE days to up grade JUST ONE TO LEVEL 10...UGH!! And very costly.. DOUBLE WAMMY! over 10,000 gp per skill.. uea I know about using gems but they come at a cost.This is a great game, however, I read somewhere that the devs were proud that this is not a pay to play game, yet you cater to those who do pay, and the poor, who would love to donate to the cause, but cannot, say, due to a little bug out there thats taking over the planet and taking jobs away, like mine. Bro, I would donate, its the best hack and slash Ive played in a while, but I cannot.
    Is there any possible way to cut crafting and skill costs? Yea, Ive been farming gold and gems but that too is lengthly. Im lvl 70, hero level 580something and finished 500+ of 825 levels.
    Maybe do away with the locked chests.. they contain nothing but fools gold.

    Originally posted by D W View Post
    Is there any possible way to cut crafting and skill costs?
    yes there is one,
    its called ANB

    read this :
    Guide :


      Wow men stop complaining and start reading aboutthe game 8n forum. You talk like goldis tough to obtain you can ezyly get 5million gold in 30 minute so upgrading a skill to 10 with a cost of 10000 is fine 10000= 4 sec of gold run maxmaxmax

      And btw 10 million gold is not enough to get a 77 outside of anb
      and 10 million gold is only 1hrs max with a blue gold set at 3000%


        Originally posted by D W
        Is there any possible way to cut crafting and skill costs?
        Yes, it is called A New Beginning or ANB. Crafting costs are cut by 90% and you can also earn a lot of CLs for your main account. A 6 hour Gold ANB should be coming up as early as Friday afternoon. In the meantime, focus on getting your Crafting Mastery up to level 50 and buying any recipes that your ANB hero will need during the event. You should look for the ANB beginner guides, such as this one:

        Good Luck!

        Also, check out Nhat ANB guide for beginners:
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          ha... u make it sound so easy. I did some runs... took me like over an hour to just get 100 Grand . I read hints, clues, forums, no pointers.... time consuming on upgrades... A WEEK to upgrade level 10. maybe you can afford to use real money. I dont have it... lucky for you tho
          how often tho. i do the ANB but its short lived. 12hrs. not a lot of time. maybe if it lasted three days..??


            It lasts about a week, so you can space out your playing time over the course of several days. I noticed that there are a lot more ANB guides on the Guides and Walkthroughs page:


            There is also a series How to Level Up Your Hero in 30 Minutes videos on YouTube by FendyBt2 at:

            BTW many of the players you see on the leaderboards have been playing for years, and it took all of us time to build that level of gear. You cannot expect to get to that level without a lot of grinding trials for materials and XP. The oxen are slow, but the Earth is patient...
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              I have not spent money on the game other than monthly gems a couple times, which I used for ANB and unlocking stash pages--not gold/skills/etc.--and have not had any issue. It definitely shouldn't take an hour to get 100k.

              What map are you using to farm gold? What class are you playing? Do all of your items for gold farming have extra gold on them as a stat (you can use all green or blue items with extra gold, your gold set doesn't need to be legendary).

              If you tell us more about your items, character, what you're doing specifically, etc., you'll get more personalized and helpful feedback.
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                ugh.. so its me.. yea. maybe im doing something wrong bcos Ive also spent an easy Mill+ on crafting a ring. something like two mill ona necklace. i keep rolling low stats. high 70s average for skills, such as power and vitality. lower %on stats such crit damage upper 49%-53% seems avg. and 37-39%on experience and gold. i do get RARE 44.5%exper and gold and the rarer 59.9%crit dam but its like winning the lotto.


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                  yap, i also spend 3M gold to craft 1 necklace and other 3 or 4M to craft 1 ring so thats pretty normal (if you aim for the perfect one)

                D W If you post a screen shot of your hero, players on the forum can give you advice on how to improve. We have all been where you are now, there is a lot to learn about the game. Just for fun, check out these mistakes made by the rest of us:

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                  ok so here is another nice advice for you...

                  join eternium discord server and ask all your question there.
                  there are many player will help you there and you will get a faster replay 24/7

                  we have player that will show you how to "properly" farm gold, how to "properly" build up your toons, what item to choose, what stats to put, how to end up in High leaderboard during both ANB and season.
                  Guide :