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Quick use potions(?) Too small to interact with on Samsung Galaxy J2

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    Quick use potions(?) Too small to interact with on Samsung Galaxy J2

    I've included a screenshot of the problem I'm eexperiencing. I'm not really sure what troubleshooting info to give you since I'm not very familiar with living casually yet. This is my first cell phone I ever bought as a choice, and among my first year purchases after finally breaking through the need/touch boundary inherent to my condition.

    Or I would have, but it's my first post.

    If you mean the icons in the screen's bottom righthand corner (sorry, no screenshot visible on my device), why not use the Gestures pictured to the left of the icons?


      I ultimately forgot I posted This. Lamentably Only just remembered.

      They are so tiny, I can't interact with them. I try, but I get no response.


        Sorry - I misunderstood; the red dots can be activated/used by the toon by simply running over them.


          I did not post a bug report for that. On the left and right of the screenshot are my posted problem. Quick-use buttons with a bug.


            Ah - another misunderstanding, I think. Does your screenshot show the WHOLE screen?

            I that case I can only think of three things:

            -Bug Report via the relevant Forum category,
            -try a different screen resolution for your device,
            -learn the Gestures by heart (see screenshot).

            Click image for larger version

Name:	Screenshot_20210611-213557_Eternium.png
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              My screenshot is showing the whole screen. I would have used the better resolution if it had been available. Are you the best the company has for support?


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                Editing a comment
                There is no screenshot in your original post. The screenshot in your second post is cropped - so its difficult to understand what you are trying to point out.

                This is a forum... medamanaman is a player (just like me, just like you) who is simply trying to understand your problem and help you. He is not company support for the game... just as 99% of the users on this forum are players, not company support