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    Tried the options..didn't work. But then I read you need a stable internet for a period of time. We have slow and very intermittent internet. Asked everyone here to stop the social media and YouTube usage....managed to get the level 4 I think that might be the problem. Considering the short comings, I think I will miss the Anb gold, but that's ok..many more to come.


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      still 8 days left for ANB gold... plenty of time to actually get some of the milestones, and maybe even 1 CT... worth a shot, good luck

      Also, this was kinda my point in the other reply... unfortunately the update packages can be annoying and easily interrupted (hoping the devs can think of some sort of backup/retry process in the future), and things like Youtube and social media applications can interfere with your internet's bandwidth... So the severals "but my youtube is fine" sort of response to these issue are actually the cause <= stop your Youtube and try again.
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    Thanks Nhat for the support. It was a struggle, but once I figured out it was our crappy internet and the abuse of bandwidth by all the social media junkies, I updated when everyone was asleep and it's in and installed, and yes still enough time left to get the rewards for gold ANB I am still not good enough (or didn't save up enough gems to really speed up progress)...I will be patient and some day I will be.

    to the dev:

    It was worth the wait, it looks incredible. Like playing a new game with the same really outdid yourself on this update thanks a lot.

    To other frustrated players who struggled with downloading the update.

    Yes, it annoying and might take you some time (maybe even days (for those with unstable or slow internet). It's worth the wait and don't give up you will be amazed on what is coming to you.
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      Stop making petty excuses! Fix your god damn game! Nothing wrong with my internet! When i try download something else it goes smoothly! Problem is your game!


        Hermiyas, I don't think this response is helpful and it is insulting to a team of dev that provides you with a fully free game in which the only things you can buy is time and cosmetics. Even if you don't want or can spend you can still compete on the highest level albeit it will take you more time.

        However, I do agree the timing could have been better and not at the start of ANB.

        Hope you will be able to get it fixed soon so you can play again.