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How do I sync character/profiles from my device to my MF account?

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    How do I sync character/profiles from my device to my MF account?

    I downloaded the game and created an account. At some point I must have been logged out and didn't notice and my progress was saved to my iPhone. I noticed this when downloading the game from steam, logging in, and only seeing my first character, but at level 35 instead of 51, and my other characters aren't there.

    In the mobile app, when I click on 'Log in' I get a message saying "your profile is not saved to an Eternium account. If you continue, it will remain stored on this device only. Continue?"
    That's not what I want, I want to get my one character updated on my account, and my 2 newer characters (one normal, and one event hero) to be connected and synced to my MF account.

    How can I do that, please?

    Profiles cannot be merged and heroes cannot be transferred between profiles, so you have to choose which profile you want to keep, or run 2 separate profiles using separate email addresses. You can unlink your email from the older profile using the "unlink email" option. Then, you can save your newer profile by loading the profile, then logging in using the email address you just unlinked.


      If you truly have the same base hero appearing on steam at level 35 and at level 51 on your iPhone, then you either have a really big problem or a really easy solution.

      If you logged out on your iPhone, then your progress would not be saved to your profile on your iPhone and the same exact hero would not show as level 51 instead of level 35 unless you have been playing offline using your iPhone. Playing offline is completely different from logging out. Once you have created an online profile you can not play that profile without logging in. The logging in must be done online but play may continue offline though some features are not available offline.

      Sounds like you do not want to keep what is showing on Steam since Steam only shows the one hero and that one hero is only indicating level 35.

      My advice? Do not pause and delete Steam without logging out or anything else. Just delete Steam entirely.

      Next step after deleting steam is to go to your iPhone and see what is going on with your heroes there. Are you showing as being online? Is there a button on the main menu that says "Log Out"?

      If there is a "Log Out" option, then go ahead and log out of the game. Get that profile saved into the Eternium servers. I would even go so far as power cycling your iPhone after logging out. When you restart the game, make note of the E-mail address shown as the one you are logging in to. No E-mail address shown?

      1. Does the History on the upper portion of the screen show something like History [1] or does it show History [0]? History shows the number of profiles stored on the Eternium servers.

      2. Does the Profiles on Device on the lower portion of the screen shown to the right of New Player show something like Profiles on Device [1] or does it show Profiles on Device [0]? This indicates the number of profiles stored only locally.

      If your profile on the iPhone is shown under History rather than Profiles on Device then you have run under a problem that I encounter more often than I care to admit. Your profile stored on Eternium is out of sync and you are at risk of losing data assuming that the same E-mail address was used for both Steam and your iPhone. This is where you only have one chance to save your two newer heroes and the progress of the original hero. Log into your Eternium Account with your iPhone. Either all three of your heroes will be there are the two new ones and the progress will be lost for good.

      Manage to still have all three heroes? Good for you! Now, log back out of Eternium. Do not just close the application but actually log out from the main screen. You can then go back to your computer and reinstall Steam and log into your Eternium profile using the same E-mail address and password as your iPhone.

      A word of warning. You are allegedly able to switch devices seamlessly as long as the game is online. Travis has even suggested that you can ensure a seamless transition by clicking on the "Log Out" button but canceling before actually logging out. I have lost progress using both methods if I am not careful. The only way I have found to truly never lose progress when switching devices is to actually log out of one device before logging into another. It is way too easy to go from one device that has Eternium running and the next day go to another device that has Eternium running and then switch back to the first device and forget that you had not saved the progress on the second device and your progress is lost.

      Now, if you had unlinked your iPhone or had used two different E-mail addresses, then Travis' advice is perfectly fine.

      Just have one profile used that is shared between the two? You have to try to salvage the desired profile state by doing what I described above.


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        +1 Always return to the main menu screen and wait for the button in the upper right hand corner of your screen to turn green. To save your current profile to the server it will cycle from green to blue and back to green again. As long as you have the green light, you can switch between platforms without any problems. I play on 4 different devices PC, iPhone, Android tablet, and Steam and bounce back and forth between devices multiple times during the day.
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