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Can't get into Act IV

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    Can't get into Act IV

    I have just completed Act III, by defeating Kara in Story Level 55. When I returned to Alerion, I was promoted from Heroic to Legendary, and confirmed that I had completed Act III.

    When I went back to the Gateway to Adventures and selected Story, I was shown Act III Level 40 (Crucible of Mawrth) with a flashing block above it. The higher levels (41 to 55) were not shown, and Act IV is locked, saying that I need to complete Act III (which I have!).

    What's going on, why can't I get into Act IV? Is there something else I need to do/achieve? (So far I have completed Trial levels as far as 57).

    Each difficulty is treated as a completely separate run through the story. Before you can access Act IV on Legendary difficulty, you need to complete level 40 (the last level in Act III) on Legendary difficulty.

    Click image for larger version

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      Crazy! I'm on the point of giving up on this game, I had apparently got past level 55, now back to the near impossible level 40. One step forwards., five steps back. Thoroughly fed up


      • Tin Man
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        You can access Act IV in Normal difficulty, but you can not access Act IV in the other difficulties until you unlock Act IV in each difficulty.

        Every difficulty has to be unlocked independently as Travis said. Trial Level (TL) 57 is nothing compared to the bosses in Difficulty. Elban in Normal is about equal to Elban on TL 58.

        Whenever you start a new difficulty, you have to run the story levels in order to unlock each of them sequentially.

      This is absolutely pointless! I've spent countless hours getting to and through Act IV, only to find I have to go back. End of the game for me, I'll find something better to do with my time, like watching paint dry.


        Originally posted by Piggle View Post
        This is absolutely pointless! I've spent countless hours getting to and through Act IV, only to find I have to go back. End of the game for me, I'll find something better to do with my time, like watching paint dry.
        You do not have to be a jerk about. Just listen to what we are trying to tell you.

        Yes, if you want to run Heroic or Legendary Act IV? You are going to have to run through all the levels leading up to it again. Don't want to run through the levels? Just stick to Normal difficulty.

        There is no getting around having to unlock each act for each difficulty but there is nothing saying that you have to run anything but Normal.

        Just changed the difficulty back to Normal:

        Click image for larger version

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        The only real advantage running anything but Normal is for additional gems for running each story level five time.

        You do not even have to run anything but Normal to unlock all five Daily Quests even though the game automatically shoves you into Heroic when you complete Normal. Just change back to Normal.


          OK, I understand (though don't appreciate being called a jerk).

          However, is there anything beyond Act IV for Normal or Heroic?


          • Wolfsgirl
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            After completely passing all of Act IV on Normal it unlocks Heroic, then after completely passing all of Heroic, Legendary unlocks, which gives a bit more XP and Gold, if my runs have been typical, but if you are having so much trouble with the frustrations of unlocking Heroic, you probably will not have the patience to do the same with Legendary...just some thoughts thrown out by a highly competitive newb trying to help.

          • Bali_Lenni
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            The heat of the battle does get us a wisp emotional sometimes.....
            Take your time, have a look around in the different threads... will see that the support team and veteran players of this game (not counting myself in there} are incredibly helpful, bening and pacient - giving away hints, tricks and huge amounts of very hard earned information to new and intermediate players just because they enjoy that too I suppose... Many of us take our hats off to that and try to show that respect in the language we use and the hings we say ot do not say, ask or do not ask, or do not ask yet in the forums...

            In my oppinion this game is not for those who can not muster a minimum of patience and humbleness and willingness tu understand how things work (which is perfectly fine o.c.). However many players come to really love this game and many players come back to it after some off time.

            For many new players, the story worlds are our biggest challenge, eventually trials and onwards ANBs become the most rewarding _this keeps many of us busy even up to counting years , not months and still enjoying different aspects of the game.

          • jcochran
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            I too had a lot of problems taking down Elban with my warrior. And I'm assuming you're also using a warrior since they unfortunately have to get "up close and personal" to do damage and when Elban starts draining, it's quite difficult to get away from him in time. My solution was to get 2 pieces of Fury gear which enables the Storm of Swords with leaping or charging. This causes enough burst damage to take down Elban with relatively little gear. Additionally, you may wish to keep either charge or leap in reserve to use only when Elban starts draining as a means of getting away from him quickly. As for other classes, I haven't had any issues with Elban with my Bounty Hunter since I can fight at range and lead him on a merry chase while pausing every few seconds to get in a few shots. Haven't leveled a Mage yet, but I assume a similar kiting technique will work there as well.

          jcochran Mages have a lot of problems with Elban, it took me over a week of constant play and searching better gear to get strong, fast and clever enough to beat Elban when he does his life drain, Blink helped, but only when not in close quarters, so yes I do understand the frustrations of having to repeatedly go toe to toe with such a ferocious enemy, but with patience, calm and asking for help then following suggestion, it can be done.

          Piggle please forgive any harshness that may have been perceived from my words earlier. I may have falsely interpreted your frustrations as impatience.
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