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ANB status not updating.

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    ANB status not updating.

    My ANB warrior, Bearcat, has completed 107 Level Trial with at least 2-3 minutes left on the clock. After I returned to the Lobby and emptied my bags, I exited to the Main Menu and closed the app before shutting down the tablet for recharging the battery. (I habitually exit to the Main Menu and make sure the app closes before I swap Tablets.)

    Anyway, when I reentered the game on my ANB Bearcat, I noticed that the profile update didn't credit me for Trial 107 and my Leader Board standings dropped my Level from 106 back down to 103.

    Do I really have to replay 107? It's got 108 locked.

    I'm playing on two Samsung Galaxxy Tab 8 Ultra's, alternately until I replace my Bluescreened PC. Looking forward to trying the game on Steam.

    Love Eternium, BTW.

    This has to do with a leaderboard server issue today. While the server was having issues, no scores were posted, but they were still recorded. You just have to beat your previous score by completing a higher Trial or beating your previous time on the current Trial.


      The easiest, cleanest way is to beat TL 108. I am sure that you want to beat at least TL 110 anyway in order to get that Celestial Transform (CT).


      • OwlKitty
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        Thanks Travis & Tin Man.
        I did have to replay 107 because 108 remained locked until I beat it. It went well after that and I got as far as I could until 116 stopped me. I got to Rank 41 on the boards but it's dropping and I'll be lucky if I finish in the top 100. That's alright, I got him to CP 705. He's a keeper.

      • Tin Man
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        If TL 108 did not unlock when you completed TL 107 the first time? Then you did not complete TL 107 in less than 10m which is why you did not rank.

        Eternium at its core is an offline game. The unlocking of additional trial levels has zero to do with the leaderboard entries and only reliant on completing the trial level in less than 10m. If your hero is level 70? The faster your clear the trial level will mean the more additional trial levels are unlocked and you can skip lots and lots of trial levels.

        Your non-ANB heroes would be at least CL 705 after you end the current ANB even if you did not keep your ANB hero. All non-ANB heroes share the same CLs.

      I saw the time remaining after I killed the boss in that 1st attempt at 107. If the 10 minute limit isn't met, you get a time expired notice. I still had 2-3 min showing on the banner.
      It must have been affected by the LB server issue mentioned by Travis.

      I do have 3 other Lvl 70's that are CP 390.

      I've been studying the builds on the forums and Leader Boards but I'm still Noob with a lot to learn. I really appreciate the feed back and encouragement from you and Travis.
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