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    Question about mail

    Hello! I forgot the email of my Eternium account. How can I recover my account?

    You do not say whether or not you are currently playing the game on a device. I assume that you are not because you have a new device or something like that.

    If you are still actively playing the game? You just have to logout of the game and the E-mail address is on the login screen.

    Assuming that you can not do that? In the past? I have seen Travis ask for the names of heroes on your Eternium account and he can try to look up the account that way.

    Tech support, Travis, will have to give you other options but that is what I have seen in the past.


      Somewhat problematic. You'll want to try to retrieve/remember as much game profile data so Travis | Support Mgr. can try to help. He'll likely ask for specific info regarding your Eternium account in order to piece things together unique to you. And you'll want to private message Travis and NOT publicly post sensitive info on this board.

      Things to try to prep for your direct messaging with Travis | Support Mgr. if you can remember or recover ...

      When was the last time you played? What device were you using? Any chance you saved or archived any email FROM Eternium to your game email (like a notification, or an Eternium announcement, etc.)? Did you ever jot down your Friend Code/Public ID somewhere (from the Friends Bulletin Board) in Home Town? What is your User Name? Password? Ever make a game purchase for an Eternium item and have a copy of the receipt? Do you remember any of your game toon names and their class (warrior, mage, or bounty hunter)?

      The more info you can provide, the better. Good luck!
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        You just reminded me of a very important thing.

        They will be sending out an E-mail over the next couple of days to announce the beginning of Bronze #23. Keep an eye on any E-mail account that you might have used to register the game. They go way back for E-mail accounts that they send notifications to. Remember to check the Spam folder.

        The most recent E-mail that I received was around two weeks ago announcing the start of the current season. They do not always send out E-mails for new ANB events.

        Do a search on your E-mail for They E-mails tend to come from

      I replied to your PM.