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Can't access my old account after redownloading

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    Can't access my old account after redownloading

    I used to play this game years ago, but now that I have redownloaded it, I can't get into my account. I've even managed to reset my password to it, but all I get when I try to log in is that "this account is associated with a game not in our game servers." And then I tried to make a new account with the same Gmail but the account still exists. Can I get my account back??

    Try logging in again and let me know how it goes.


      No, none of my old progress is saved, but at least it let me use my Gmail.


      • Travis | Support Mgr.
        Travis | Support Mgr. commented
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        If you didn't have much progress and didn't make any purchases, then it's possible your profile was purged from the database if it was inactive for a few years.

      From the perspective of a fellow player?

      If you did not spend real money on the account or have incredible progress or at least some Celestial Transforms or medals? Dump the old account and start a new one.

      Old accounts tend to be broken when they get pulled to far forward in one step. By broken? I mean that you might not receive some of the quests that newer players get.

      Right now? There is an event running, A New Beginning (ANB), that lasts for just under 7 more days.

      The only reasons to hold on to an old account are because the account has:
      1. Crafting Mastery Level 50
      2. Recipes purchased from Liana unlocked.
      3. Lots of Glory or unlocked Glory items.
      4. Spent real money.
      5. A strong emotional attachment to the account.

      If none of this makes any sense to you and just sounds like gibberish? Start a new account.

      If you start a new account? I would create the first hero as a bounty hunter and spend zero gems unlocking anything. Get that hero up to level 30 as quickly as possible to unlock the ANB event. Create a new fully unlocked hero of your choice for only 245 gems during the ANB. Warriors are easiest to have a successful ANB with no crafting recipes unlocked but is more important that you have fun. I suggest starting the profile with a bounty hunter because bounty hunters can do the most without spending any gems on the hero and also are the best gold farmers especially when zero gems are spent.

      Other pointers?

      You will reach Achievements that reward you gems almost immediately when you start playing. Leave these Achievements unclaimed until you have reached level 10 and unlocked the current Season so that they gems claimed count toward the gem bank.​

      I new event, typically ANBs, start every two weeks, usually. You will likely very quickly advance way past your original profile if you use the ANB events decently.

      Feel free to message me if you want more pointers, even with your old profile.


        Yeah, thanks for the tips, but I just honestly remember I had everything done on the old account I had after so much time ? But maybe I will start again thank you.