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Frequent crashes

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    Frequent crashes

    I have been getting a lot of crashes in the last week. I have played this game for a number of years now on various Galaxy phones I've had and have never had anything like this.

    I am currently using a Galaxy Note 20 ULTRA 5G with 12 Gigs of RAM. This doesn't seem to be about RAM. I don't run other programs and have minimal background processes on this phone.

    I did the trouble shooting recommendations: force-stopping, purging the cache and data, uninstalling, restarting, and re-installing, signing in. Same problem.

    My primary character can't get halfway through a trial level - whether it's trying to get past level 148 in battle gear or doing some gold farming on trial 120 with gold and experience gear. It will also crash in the story mode as well. The daily challenges two nights ago took several tries before getting through to the end. Having to do them two or three times before finishing - the five daily quests ended up being 14 or so runs total before they were all completed.

    I'm also trying to do the ANB SILVER challenge as well, I had started the character prior to this problem of crashing started happening and haven't been playing her in the last few days for fear that I'd get partway through the level only to have it crash, preventing me from completing it, but using up my limited trial time.​

    Any ideas? It's a bit frustrating.

    The game was working fine a week ago.

    Nothing has changed on our end of things, so the question is: what changed on your end in the last week?

    Any new apps (i.e. antivirus, a memory management/optimization app, etc.)? New living wallpaper or anything that could be taxing your GPU?
    Any changes to your skills or gear immediately before the crashes started?
    Have you noticed a pattern to the crashes?


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      The phone did a software update on the 19th, but the problem started a few days before that.

      I have also installed a couple new programs. From the Samsung store not Google play. I'll see if removing them helps. But again, I installed these *after* the problem had started.

      I'll try to remove them and do a forcegstop, purge, reinstall again.

      Wish me luck.

      After I posted above I had the "destroy 50 merlocks" daily quest. It crashed three times before I could I could finish and each time it crashed I had to start over zero kills, the fourth and fifth run allowed me all the way through. Then another daily quest crashed and wiped out the results of two other quests I had just completed, so I had to do them over again as well.

      It's a little crazy making.

      I will uninstall and see what happens.

    Can't say I've run into any issues (I'm Android Pixel and Windows 10 PC). Unlikely the game, more likely your device or an internet issue.

    Others I know that have Galaxys have tried a SETTINGS RESET with some success (I don't know what that is exactly, but I believe avoids doing a complete re-install). You may also try searching the web for possible fixes, as well.

    It is frustrating, we've all been there, but there's generally a solution/fix somewhere. Fingers crossed and good luck!
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      I'm thinking it's an internet issue.
      Xfinity has been unreliable and I bet that's what it is.
      I'm going to test that as well.


        You can not do this with your ANB hero but since you are having so much trouble running story levels? Put your device in Airplane Mode and try running some story levels. That would eliminate your network connection as a possible source of issues.

        Your issues do no sound like a network issues but is a way to check to verify.

        The game is able to be played offline though that some things like the ANB.


          It doesn't appear to be the network, although to the extent I've had problems with Comcast I'm sure that hasn't helped. But I ran the game on a 5G mobile connection with 1.2 Mbps and it was still happening.

          The game will sometimes freeze, then crash close. Sometimes just abruptly crash-close. Occasionally it freezes for a minute or two and then comes back.

          The game connection indicator will go offline (turn red) and tell me I can't craft equipment when offline when I definitely am NOT offline. Have to restart the game, and the indicator goes green, and then I can craft.

          Just now on a 86Mbps connection I did the round of daily quests. Completed four of them. The indicator goes from blue to green after going through the portal. Ostensibly the indicator going green means internet connection is present and the most recent info has saved to the server.

          I opened a chest in the inventory, got the five items, then went to harvest their materials.

          Game froze. Then crash closed.

          When I re-started the game, the last daily quest was still marked as completed, but the three I had completed prior were now incomplete and had to be run again. The gold I had acquired from finishing them in the first place remained - and the items from the chest I opened just before the game froze and then crashed were still in my inventory. All of those actions had been completed and the indicator was green - as in saved to the great Eternium server in sky. But when the game restarted things that had been completed and green-lighted (so to speak) prior to crash were gone, and only the most recent actions were still there - the items from chest in my inventory, and the most recent of the four completed daily quests was still marked complete.

          So this seems to indicate that it's not saving to the server properly or is giving a false green indicator - just as it has at times given a false red indicator to say I'm not connected to the internet when the phone definitely has an internet connection - as in the crafting problem.

          I have done the force stop, clear cache & data, uninstall, restart the phone, re-install, and sign in routine several times with no improvement.

          Up until last weekend this phone has run game with rock-solid reliability. It sometimes would hang when launching, but once it launched it was 100%. Now it loads faster, but these weird problems with freezing and/or crashing and then not saving things that have been completed and seemingly saved or randomly cherry-picking from what should have been saved is making game play a tentative experience at best.

          What to do?


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            Does this happen with all of your heroes, or is it only with your event hero?

          This happens with any hero.


          • Travis | Support Mgr.
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            Is your device rooted or running a custom OS? What game version are you running?

          Eternium 1.8.7

          Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G

          Stock OS

          One UI version 5.1
          Android version 13
          Google Play system update July 1, 2023
          Baseband version N986U1UES5HWG6

          Kernel version
          #1 Tue Jul 25 17:42:44 KST 2023

          Build number


          • Travis | Support Mgr.
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            We are currently testing a build that will hopefully fix this and a number of other crashes.

          This has disrupted a lot of game play for me.

          My ranking in the bronze and now the silver ANB contests have certainly suffered.

          Playing along and the trial is going well. Then three quarters of the way through >crash< kicked out of the game. It reloads; the time I spent has been counted, but I am back in the home base, therefore must start the trial again from scratch - with less time on the clock. That has happened NUMEROUS times in both ANB contests. Then sometimes I'd play and it would seem to be working fine for a few levels.

          I'd play right up to the point of defeating Kara or Magroth and see the explosion of gems, gold and treasure - sometimes winning the level with seconds left on the clock, and it would crash out or freeze before the treasure explosion had finished, and when the game was rebooted the time I took was used up and gone, but no credit for taking down the boss and winning the level. Depending on when the freeze or crash occurred I might not even get the treasure for winning the level either.

          There have been numerous trials over the course of these ANB contests where some variation of these ocurred.

          Another problem has been winning the trial, getting back to base camp and crafting when suddenly an error message appears saying I have to be connected to the internet in order to craft. I look at the little gem that indicates your game is saved but it isn't green it's red or sometimes blue. My phone says I am connected, and indeed I can stream music, load Facebook, whatever. I close those down and go back to Eternium and the gem is still red. The game seems convinced I am disconnected from the internet but I clearly am still connected with a strong signal. Have to close the game and then restart it in order to resume crafting.

          The crashes seem to occur most often if there is a large mob and I am maneuvering around quickly to simultaneously attack and evade. With trial levels it tends most often to happen towards the middle or the end of the trial level. As things have heated up. But it also happens occasionally when nothing much is happening before my hero is being attacked by a mom or anything. Just crash. There it happened. What are you going to do?

          More often than not, though it is when things have really started to happen quickly that it flips out.

          I have reset my settings to default, removed some recent apps I has added. I have tried it with and without using the Samsung game booster app. Prior to last month this game was working really well on my Note 20 Ultra.

          I still have an older phone, a Galaxy 9 Plus from 2017 that I tried playing Eternium on to see if this problem was to do with the phone or the game. This did not crash/freeze nearly as much. The old phone gets slow if I accrue a large mob chasing one of my heroes around and it's not as responsive when trying to use abilities at a quick pace in an attempt to defeat a higher level trial. But it rarely crashes or freezes - although it did some.

          The Note 20 Ultra has 12G of Ram (so it could handle faster game play with a large mob of combatants) a bigger, higher-res screen, and generally is a MUCH better playing experience all around. Up until I started this thread a month ago it handled the game very well indeed. But around the 19th of July it started crashing/freezing so frequently that it was pretty much not a question of if it would crash, but how soon and how often. Up until last month I might get a crash once every two weeks.

          Since having this problem I have been trying to diagnose/troubleshoot. My suspicion is it has to do with losing connection briefly and then not recognizing when the connection is restored. The crashes are seemingly abrupt, but sometimes if caught up in a fight with a mob I have managed to notice that indicator going from green to blue or red and tnen refusing go back.


            Noticed a new behaviour today.
            This ANB, actually today about 12h ago, I have had about 6 "2 to 3 seconds freezes" in about 20 minutes of farming TL100ish with the game continuing pretty much exactly where it left off. This is a first time occurrence.

            Before (last month or so, both ANB &Season) I have had freezes , which did not resume, but shrinking and then reopening the game , it went automatically onto the hero's inventory page and closing that one let one resume the game where it had stopped.

            ​​​​​​Both have not been too bothersome, since the game resumed correctly and occurrence is "once in a while", but just noticed this new different way of freezing.
            ​​​​​​(mipad5 2022, no rooting, standard os)
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              I think the red\green button crafting as well as crafting at normal cost are 2 long-known issues & might be because crafting is extra secure (cheat safe) and any data packet lost will result in crafting being "offline" even though it is not. Do not know if I remember this correctly, but it might be useful to seperate that occurrence from freeze\crash problems ones !?
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