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Gore on two weapons

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    Gore on two weapons

    Is there any advantage to putting Gore on two weapons, or does it act as if you only have it on one (in other words is the number of effective times per minute shared or per weapon)?

    I don’t have data to prove anything, but top warriors always get Slayer for both weapons.


      Each gore will proc separately so yes. But as said above, it’s vastly inferior to slayer for most builds. This mostly has to do with slayer boosting attacks and stacking with other boosts, where as gore makes its own attacks only boosted by weapon damage.

      Another thing: gore doesn’t get counted towards the damage you do with shockwave (allthough if the proc crits, it will add a bleed if you equip vampiric blades, which would add to shockwave).

      Incinerate works the same by the way.
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      • Jose Sarmento
        Jose Sarmento commented
        Editing a comment
        Based on TG with a single weapon equipped (so no bleed from Vampiric Blades or other sources), Gore does fuel Shockwave,albeit with a very small (if progressively increasing) fuel.

        This is not to dispute Kardinaal's response, I too tried Gore and was thoroughly unhappy with it.

      Thanks. Here is a tricky question. Does Slayer work in the arena? In other words is the opposing player considered a boss?


        erm. Shield warriors have to search other means of damage via weapons ( a shield is still considered as a weapon to bang/knocks anybody head etc etc). We can only use one slayer.

        RIght now only AR for our shield im afraid.
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          I have a dual sword build. Thanks for the info.