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The Cleave Tank - 4wl2d push build

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    The Cleave Tank - 4wl2d push build

    It all started with a comment to a post in the latest balance thread here on these forums, by Romme:

    -Warrior needs some massive passive buffs to survive high trials since you know.. they can't kite and actually need to get hit... Dw needs ww procs for the 30% damage reduction and all the healing it gives. They need leap for the 50% damage reduction. They need itz for the 2000 parry. Without just 1 of these good luck surviving tl150+. Unless you want to massively increase warrior damage so they aren't forced to pull half the map. Or buff armor for warrior so it's possible to get like 98-99% damage reduction...because that's what it would take.

    The 99% damage reduction thing got stuck in my head. Rattling around. Clashing with the 95% damage reduction I saw on my shield warrior. That little voice going “bet that’s possible”.

    So after a few months of this, decided to give it a try. How to get a tank that gives you 99% damage mitigation. And at what cost damage wise. Well enough introduction, I give you:

    The Cleave Tank


    cleave / frenzy
    jump / charge / in the zone
    sword and board / tough as nails / duelist


    4 warlord
    2 defender
    encrypted shield
    belt of the templar
    cleave BoM
    Integralas mantle
    talisman of storms
    charm of qol


    crit damage
    1500 AR / block
    20% parry / power / cr (use naht’s files for ideal ratio)
    +%physical dmg / speed / vit

    The tank:

    99% damage mitigation for mob phase was the goal I set, and I got quite close. 95% from armour (needs 3 norgrim), and 20% from parry work against all attacks (melee, ranged and magic). So far it’s simple.

    But it gets complicated once you start on blocking. First, you can block at max 95% of incoming attacks for 75% of the damage, but only melee and ranged. You can’t block magic. And also you cannot block a parried attack… But magic attacks can be parried.

    Then there’s itz, cleave, jump, the shield bubble and the defender 2 procs all providing mitigation. No way I’m doing all that math.

    So I went with a more practical approach: I went into the training grounds to test it that way. Only magical attacks there, so no block factor. Shot of attacks for 5 minutes untill the numbers stabilised at 98%. Add to that the block and I should be close or at 99%…

    The trade off:

    Since I swap out the ww axe for a shield, I need a different source of healing for that 1% damage that bleeds through. That’s where the armour sets come in. 2 pieces of defender give a healing proc for every jump, charge, ww and br. The bonuses from warlords provide ww procs and battlerage procs. So they synergise for a lot of healing.

    So no fury / storm of sword cause I need healing, that’s 15% of our damage. Luckily shield slam provides a nice extra source of damage to soften the blow. 125% block provides some crit block to have enough shield slams go off.
    mobile (Apple) player - shield enthousiast - Heavily suffering from butter fingers

    SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143

    So wich trial are you able to do with this?


    • Turgeon
      Turgeon commented
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      If it give curiosity to master romme it maybe worth the try isit it?

    • Romme
      Romme commented
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      I think you wouldn't make it to tl150 with this set up

    • Turgeon
      Turgeon commented
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      Probably too much 8nvestment into block for the small return

    So after that post the devs actually made some changed to base armor for warriors and I can get 35k armor on my dw warrior, which is 96% damage reduction. It's still not enough to get anywhere close to mage and bh max trials but I'll definitely take it as a step in the right direction.


      Why don’t you use the black guard set? It gives %50 damage reduction and slam damage, plus everything you mentioned. It doesn’t have the %1200 buff I reckoned.
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      • Turgeon
        Turgeon commented
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        Yeah and without that buff cleave worth nothing so absolutly need that

      Problem is I don’t have the gear to really see how high in trials I can go. With a 75 cleaver, 77 shield, rest of the items on average 74, I got stuck at tl144 (my new current best).

      Now here is what I did test: swapped out the shield for a 77 ww axe and ran a normal cleave warrior with compareable stats at tl142. Tried 5 times, made it once, barely. Shield slam did as much damage as storm of swords (partially due to skill, I tend to miss a fair amount of the time. It’s definately more tanky, with the normal build I cleared in 3 mobs, with the cleave tank I did two half map pulls.

      For the shield there is no really good choice. Blackguards does nothing for the build. Rylockes might be interesting for a nature damage based exp build, but at high trials the lightning effect is quite underwhelming. So this leaves us with encrypted shield. A bubble now and then is better than nothing, so it’s the best pick of the bunch. No use boosting it’s effects though, even with LoH on everything I don’t manage to sustain one permanently (where in pvp LoH helps a ton).
      mobile (Apple) player - shield enthousiast - Heavily suffering from butter fingers

      SchilKardy - main Fire Lilly Shield Warrior - Trial 143


        I hope u do succeed in relaying to us a workable new build.
        I'm from the old school.
        In my mindset Shield warrior = full defender set.
        Im not saying that hybrid Defender Shield warrior won't work/won't perform well:

        1. "It's just that the old masters/SW experts never inform us of hybrid Defender build that works. hahaha"

        2. I never try a hybrid Defender.
        THus I'm only try this and that with the full defender set. eg:

        1. years back we used encrypted shield now BG set, replace slam bom with DT ( now I know it won't work well at trial 150- so back to slam bom), for bosses shockwave won't perform well (for mobs Shockwave is excellence for a shield warrior), DT nearly useless against Kara at 150 (back to BR)

        2. years back Shilieen and other masters has a success with BR DT and Shield block. At that time whirlwind shield warriors are behind any Shield warriors build without whirlwind. That is the time when AR is not being nerfed.

        3. With recent AR status whirlwind is a must ( in my honest opinion - I might be wrong)

        Conclusion (till today)

        1. For me alone: Full defender set is some sort of a rule of law for any defender build.

        2. Slam bom "if not the" it is one of the most powerful ability for shield warriors.

        3. To step by step/slowly succeed until say just trial 150 = full defender set.

        Nevertheless All my opinion above is obsolete (I'm wrong) If any hybrid Shield warriors can prove it will reached trial 150.

        Have a nice day
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        • davidz
          davidz commented
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          I’m building my SW now. The DT is pretty good and sometimes close to the Slam. You mean DT is not good for high level trials? My SW is ok for lvl 105, but not good for higher levels. Needs a lot of work to improve it. What is the fighting strategy? I simply throw everything as soon as they are available. The only exception is to try to make SB to go with TOS. My main focus will still be my cleave build which is far from complete, so I don’t expect my SW to be seriously good for a while.
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