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Exactly which part of WW does the Belt of Whirling Storm get affected by?

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    Exactly which part of WW does the Belt of Whirling Storm get affected by?

    I found

    from quite a number of months ago however a specific interaction seems to have changed. Specifically the following part:

    all bonuses work the same as if you would start a ww yourself with an active skill. You get the blades just the same, and the pulse and countdown reduction from the belt as well.
    this no longer seems to apply. Has there been some patch in or fix between the thread creation and now, where this interaction has been changed? (I'm currently on 1.5.89) As the case seems to be that everything else works such as the 1200% bonus to regular attacks and of course the fact that this belt effect procs the cd and 3000% discharge when you cast the WW skill.

    I am disappointed I can't spam skills all over the place. Also a bit disappointed that I can't just get infinite fortress of steel with the WW parry either. lmao

    Remember when ITZ had 1 secs cd instead of bonus dmg? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    At least I understand why cleave meta is a thing now, also makes me wonder if CoQ is more effective than Vial and why more people don't put cleave in the second slot.
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    The reason people use CoQ rather than Vial is to keep up the effects of each primary attack without having to switch every 18 (? ) seconds - CoQ automatically triggers the attack (and therefore the effect).

    Cleave is in primary because the BoM bonus for Cleave yields the most damage - so people have Cleave in the first because of the BoM bonus.

    ... ktb