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Grievous Wounds' 15% extra damage but based on what?

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    Grievous Wounds' 15% extra damage but based on what?

    The 2 piece bonus for the legendary sword set, the "Vampiric Blades set" states that "Your critical hits cause the target to bleed for 15% extra dmg over 6 seconds". However, there's no mention of what the 15% extra dmg is taken or generated from. Is it 15% of the value of the critical hit applied as bleed? Is the critical hit part without the base damage considered the extra dmg and thus 15% of this?

    Could've sworn I saw a comment somewhere using the search bar saying that grievous wounds damage was equal to that of the crit which sounded wrong to me but if anyone has any ideas before I start diving head first into this mess, which is testing this with the only single hit skill the warrior has which is charge, then please feel free to let me know.

    I have researched this. I will answer you in details when time permits.
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      Alright cool!

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      In fact the easiest for me is to direct you to my posts in the Discord server about Grievous Wounds.