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    Battle Master Set

    Definitely not META. The set. you get in story mode, as a Warrior. Thought I would see how far I could take it
    Currently my gear is all Legendary, at about a 72.8 rating, and I have made it as far as TL 105, tweaking things as I go.
    Charm of Ool, Talisman of Storms, Belt of the Templar, and Bracers of Mastery ( Increased Cleave Damage ).
    Vampiric Blade Set.. Gear is mainly Power, CR, CD, Vit., AR, with some extra Phys. Damage.
    See how it goes. I imagine I will move on to a better set eventually.
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    You are a braver, better man than I! Exploring the boundaries of the Battlemaster's set is not a rabbit hole that I have dared considered pursuing.

    Enjoy your adventures.


      I'll see where it goes. If I can't do much more, I have the Juggernaut set unlocked, and have been doing some reading. However, with the weather here being alot nicer now, I may be heading into the mountains more often.


      • Tin Man
        Tin Man commented
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        Juggernaut is more of a TL 150+ thing.

        Fury is for farming experience and up through about TL 150.

        Have not played warrior since the Defender days. So, not sure when players switch out from Fury to Juggernaut during events but suspect it is around TL 130+. A 6 Fury experience farming set is a monster.

        Just using the Epic Custom Ephemeral Item boxes during A New Beginning events combined with the right belt and trinkets even without a Bracer of master and set weapons means being able to fairly easily farm Champion Level (CL) 1900+ during the event using only the free boosters and with a low gem spend and clear TL 120+.

        Just something to keep in mind.
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      Thanks. I appreciate the help.


        in the old days has anybody try 6/6 adventure? is it err ok?
        i can only remember playin 2Jugg/4Adv but not full set Adv
        battle Master thing looks similar to the adventure set right?
        Just curious
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        Shield warrior: New Season trial 154 in 9:07 min - can't be worse can it?)


        • Tin Man
          Tin Man commented
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          Battlemaster is just the renamed Adventurer's set.

        Sooo, I managed to get to TL 106, with 2 seconds to spare. In order for me to progress further, I would like to recommend the following changes: CR 210 -> 2100, CD 75% -> 75,000%, and Haste 210 -> 2100. So Travis, if you read this, please pass it along to the devs, and make sure they make it their number one priority....... lol :P


        • WarriorSeven
          WarriorSeven commented
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          Just goes to show you, a little buff here and there for the Warrior class can go a long way.

        • Romme
          Romme commented
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          Damn cd 75,000% count me in!

        • adolf_2003
          adolf_2003 commented
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          75k CD is too low, why not make it 100k CD. Every time it crits, Kara will melt right away lol.

          Long live Battlemasters !

        Sounds good to me!


          TL 113 this morning with BM. Just like the Energizer bunny, I keep going and going...